Whatever gave you that impression?
Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:01

Emmett asked Danny what he was doing in the theatre. It was a fair question; for someone who wasn't interested in theatre (aside from being in the audience; he was happy to be looking at the stage, rather than standing on it) he had spent an unusual amount of time in there this academic year. He didn't need to make a habit of it, especially not if it led to rafter-gazing. Emmett was advocating its benefits.

“Yeah, I don't know what any of those words mean,” Danny replied. He'd heard of fashion catwalks but that didn't seem applicable in this context. “I was just looking for Marissa,” he explained, as casually as possible while feeling a little awkward. There was no real reason for him to feel that way - Dardanius and Marissa had been good friends since first year and hung out all the time - but he didn't know how the fourth year was feeling about their red-headed friend these days. Just because Emmett wasn't the sharpest sword in the armoury, especially when it came to Marissa, that didn't mean Danny should be insensitive. “Seems she hangs out here a lot.”

He basically just wanted to catch up with Marissa after midterm, and maybe also mention some of the stuff he had learned about his mother. Maybe. Because if the most rule-abiding and proper person he knew was able to kiss someone without it meaning anything, then maybe Danny was really over-thinking this whole kissing scenario. Maybe he should stop thinking about it and maybe start just doing it. Maybe.

  • I'm sensing some sarcasm there. - Emmett, Sat Feb 25 17:36
    Emmett smiled despite his own dramatics. Danny was a good dude. Definitely his best male friend. (He didn’t think he had a girl he could call his best female friend, unless he counted Marissa but... more
    • Whatever gave you that impression? - Dardanius, Mon Feb 27 10:01
      • Just a hunch. - Emmett, Mon Mar 6 02:12
        “I was just looking for Marissa.” Oh. Emmett paused. A part of him instinctively wanted to be jealous and accusatory, but he less than politely told that part of himself to cram it. For one thing,... more
        • Gut Feeling - Danny, Mon Mar 6 15:14
          The way Emmett answered that he hadn’t seen Marissa suggested to Danny that the fourth year had been in the theatre for a substantial part of the day. He might have been interpreting it incorrectly,... more
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