Gut Feeling
Mon Mar 6, 2017 15:14

The way Emmett answered that he hadn’t seen Marissa suggested to Danny that the fourth year had been in the theatre for a substantial part of the day. He might have been interpreting it incorrectly, but he was suspecting that Emmett was getting too worked up about the musical, especially considering it was entirely optional, and supposed to be fun for those involved. Of course, that was Emmett all over. The guy seriously needed to be more chill. “No worries,” Danny replied easily, wondering why his friend was apologising.

Having no real need to stay - and the longer the duration of his visit to the theatre, the more susceptible he was to being dragged into to some aspect of the performance - Dardanius was just considering whether to leave or hang around a little longer, when Emmett asked, “Something important?” Danny hesitated; was it something important? Probably not. Probably it was just idle conversation with a potential revelation about his mother’s somewhat surprising past, which in itself was nothing important. Though if he did tell Marissa, and if it led to her asking whether Danny had changed his mind about kissing her, then he would probably have to admit that yes, he had. Not Marissa specifically, as such (although he really wasn’t sure on that count - she had offered to kiss him twice so at least he knew she was unlikely to turn him down, which definitely worked in her favor), but kissing in general. A person. Without worrying whether she would be suitable for Happily Ever After. Danny still wanted his first kiss to be with someone he cared about, but he was starting to appreciate the wide variety of relationships that term managed to encompass. In short, if he found Marissa that day, there was a chance he’d end up kissing her. It might not be important to Marissa, but it would be to Danny, and possibly to Emmett, too.

For a split second, Danny felt their casual conversation had turned more confrontational, like he and Emmett might be sizing each other up. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time they had conflicted - usually when Emmett was being insufferable and Danny called him on it and Holland had to mediate between them - but never over another person. Emmett had seemed fine just now when he’d mentioned Marissa, but if there was going to be a problem between them, then maybe Danny would avoid talking to Marissa, after all. He didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up the friendship group.

Then Emmett spoke again, and the moment passed; they were back to normal. “Yeah, I could totally go for a burger,” Danny agreed, so relieved at the turn of events and happy to forgo answering the initial question that he accidentally added, “I might even run your crappy lines with you.” He probably wouldn’t let Emmett pay for the burger, either.

  • Just a hunch. - Emmett, Mon Mar 6 02:12
    “I was just looking for Marissa.” Oh. Emmett paused. A part of him instinctively wanted to be jealous and accusatory, but he less than politely told that part of himself to cram it. For one thing,... more
    • Gut Feeling - Danny, Mon Mar 6 15:14
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