Room? Yes.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 17:08

The someone was Holland, a… person in Danny’s year. Claudia had misunderstood about Holland for a number of years, but then she had only been eight when she’d first been introduced to the concept of a person who wasn’t a boy or a girl. She’d thought that Holland actually, physically, switched between being a boy and a girl, which had made far more sense to her than the actual alternative, despite its obvious biological improbabilities. Claudia didn’t really get it, but she didn’t really have to. Holland had always been nice on the few past occasions they had interacted, and was one of Danny’s best friends, so Claudia was okay with them being there.

“Your music sounded lovely,” Holland said. “Have you been playing for very long?”

Claudia blinked as she tried to decide whether Holland was being patronising, or didn’t know music well enough to realise that Claudia hadn’t been playing very proficiently, or - like Claudia herself - didn’t care about perfectionism and had enjoyed the sounds regardless of their inaccuracy. She decided that questioning the compliment would be churlish, so she took it, heedless of its sincerity, and considered the question that had been posed, instead. She thought it was probably more likely that Holland was asking about when Claudia had started learning the instrument, rather than how long she had been playing during that sitting, despite the semantics of the question better lending themselves to the latter scenario. The second year much preferred it when people used less ambiguous language.

“A few years,” Claudia replied, raising and lowering her shoulders a little in the slightest of shrugs. Her pale peach dress had short sleeves, so Claudia had draped a champagne-coloured pashmina over her shoulders for extra warmth while she was seated, which became unsettled in the movement and slipped down her back, its ends over her arms preventing it from falling completely to the floor. “I don’t practise much,” Claudia added the excuse that, combined with her purposefully vague answer, would hopefully excuse her unpolished performance if it did transpire that Holland had a real ear for music. She disentangled herself from her shawl, folded it twice into a relatively neat bundle, and let it drop to the floor beside the piano stool.

Having not expected company, Claudia wasn’t sure whether she should continue playing, or forge ahead with conversation. She didn’t know Holland well, but did not object to them. Although she hadn’t really been done playing, she didn’t especially want to continue playing while Holland was there without knowing whether the original compliment had been genuine or not. It was a conundrum. “Do you play?” she asked, deciding that was a question that could potentially provide an answer to her musings, as well as being a relevant, polite contribution to the conversation she may or may not be having.

  • Room for an audience? - Holland Keene, Tue Mar 14 15:50
    The play was fast-approaching. Holland’s role was to handle all of the appearance-related bits of tech: costuming, hair, and makeup. At this stage, most of the costuming was finished, barring some... more
    • Room? Yes. - Claudia, Tue Mar 14 17:08
      • Then I’d love to join - Holland, Fri Mar 17 10:24
        “Well, you sounded like you were enjoying it,” said Holland. “That makes music sound good.” At least as far as Holland was concerned. They could identify wrong notes in a song they knew well, and... more
        • I suppose you are welcome - Claudia, Sat Mar 18 16:21
          “That makes two of us,” Claudia replied, with the ghost of a smile, when Holland denied being especially musically talented. Playing the piano to meet only her own low standards for musical aptitude... more
          • Don’t mind if I do - Holland, Fri Mar 24 11:37
            Having just heard the second-year playing, Holland categorically disagreed with Claudia’s statement about her musical ability. Claudia wasn’t going to play Carnegie Hall any time soon, but she was... more
            • I've decided I don't mind, either - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 15:36
              The sound of the chair screeching across the floor with no audible spell cast as a warning made Claudia jump. An additional side-effect of her surprise was that when she realised Holland meant to... more
              • I’m glad to hear it - Holland, Mon Apr 3 19:57
                “I do,” they said, applying the foundation and blending it with a makeup sponge. Holland moved closer to the edge of their chair. It made a squeaking noise that wasn’t quite as offensive as the sound ... more
                • I Feel Pretty - Claudia, Tue Apr 4 14:53
                  Claudia could see how it might be fun to apply make-up to others. Sort of like artwork, she imagined, except your canvas was a walking, talking expression, that could perhaps compliment you (or... more
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