I suppose you are welcome
Sat Mar 18, 2017 16:21

“That makes two of us,” Claudia replied, with the ghost of a smile, when Holland denied being especially musically talented. Playing the piano to meet only her own low standards for musical aptitude was the pinnacle of Claudia’s ability. She hadn’t tried any other instrument, so she was not qualified to comment in either direction on the oboe, but she was finally convinced that Holland was not an expert musician, and so their complimentary comments probably were genuine in origin, after all. Knowing that allowed Claudia to relax a little.

Lacking musical prowess, Holland claimed to have talents in hair and make-up, instead. “My talents in that field are yet to be determined,” the second year admitted. While she was at home she let her mother brush and charm her hair into a variety of elegant styles, but Claudia hadn't yet learned how to do much for herself beyond basic braids. Her experience of using make-up was actually non-existent. Her Mom wore a little make-up to social events and formal occasions but still considered Claudia too young for cosmetics. If Claudia had any friends at school she’d like to think that maybe they could try using make-up together, but the only student Claudia might consider tentatively calling a friend would be Connor Farnon (who was the person with whom Claudia preferred to spend time where possible), and she seriously doubted he would hold any interest in make-up whatsoever.

“So I couldn’t play for you, but I can totally do your makeup or braid your hair sometime, if you want,”Holland offered. Claudia made a strange movement, like she was about to say something with enthusiasm, but then changed her mind before she had executed the action past filling her lungs with air in preparation. Truthfully, she was battling between equally strong compulsions to cordially invite Holland to do her makeup or braid her hair whenever they wanted, because having someone to indulge her basic vanity in her mother’s absence would be immensely satisfying - exceptionally so if Claudia could be gently introduced to cosmetics - and to hastily withdraw any interest in the subject because Holland was not precisely renowned for subtlety in physical appearance, and becuse Claudia didn’t exactly want to be the pet project of someone who spent so much time with Dardanius. The Cetus girl loved her brother, but he would make friends with anyone; it wasn’t much of a recommendation for a companion, as she was immeasurably more selective and reserved in platonic relationship formation.

Her split-second hesitation had been sufficient to allow her to emotionally weigh up these arguments, but did not lend itself to logical consideration, which would take a great deal more time - certainly more than a socially acceptable pause would allow - and logic was not really one of Claudia’s strengths, anyway. Therefore it was with some lingering excitement tinting her words that she replied, “Would you really? I mean, yes, that would be fine. I would like that.” Then she stopped talking again, because getting excited about hair and make-up was not really something with which she wanted to be associated.

  • Then I’d love to join - Holland, Fri Mar 17 10:24
    “Well, you sounded like you were enjoying it,” said Holland. “That makes music sound good.” At least as far as Holland was concerned. They could identify wrong notes in a song they knew well, and... more
    • I suppose you are welcome - Claudia, Sat Mar 18 16:21
      • Don’t mind if I do - Holland, Fri Mar 24 11:37
        Having just heard the second-year playing, Holland categorically disagreed with Claudia’s statement about her musical ability. Claudia wasn’t going to play Carnegie Hall any time soon, but she was... more
        • I've decided I don't mind, either - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 15:36
          The sound of the chair screeching across the floor with no audible spell cast as a warning made Claudia jump. An additional side-effect of her surprise was that when she realised Holland meant to... more
          • I’m glad to hear it - Holland, Mon Apr 3 19:57
            “I do,” they said, applying the foundation and blending it with a makeup sponge. Holland moved closer to the edge of their chair. It made a squeaking noise that wasn’t quite as offensive as the sound ... more
            • I Feel Pretty - Claudia, Tue Apr 4 14:53
              Claudia could see how it might be fun to apply make-up to others. Sort of like artwork, she imagined, except your canvas was a walking, talking expression, that could perhaps compliment you (or... more
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