Don’t mind if I do
Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:37

Having just heard the second-year playing, Holland categorically disagreed with Claudia’s statement about her musical ability. Claudia wasn’t going to play Carnegie Hall any time soon, but she was only twelve (or thirteen? Holland wasn’t sure) and could play an instrument better than most adults. She could also read music—unless the sheets on the piano’s music rack were just for show—which took some skill. Holland had learned to read treble clef, although that was several years ago now and they only remembered the phrase “faces on the spaces” and not the acronym that told the musician what happened on the lines. Pianists apparently had to read two clefs at once, which was approximately one and a half more clefs than Holland could read, so Claudia clearly had some musical aptitude.

Claudia started to answer and then seemed to reel herself in, but she accepted the offer before Holland had a chance to reassure her that whatever makeup they did would be in keeping with Claudia’s demure aesthetic. No matter how sweet the Cetus would look with a little glitter eyeshadow.

Holland summoned a chair from the wings and positioned it beside the piano bench. They’d attempted the spell nonverbally, and while it had worked, the chair had clattered across the wooden floor on its metal legs rather than smoothly soaring over to the fifth-year. No points for style, but it had at least worked. The nonverbal coresco they tried next was more successful. A ball of white light appeared and hovered near their shoulder as they sat down and set the makeup box on their lap.

The box was roomier inside than its exterior implied, although not limitless thanks to government regulation of Undetectable Extension Charms. Holland reached in and pulled out an individually-packaged cleansing wipe, which they handed to Claudia. “First step is making sure there’s no dirt or oils on your skin that’ll get trapped under the makeup,” they narrated, because Claudia had said she didn’t have much experience with makeup, and teaching was fun. Holland had mostly learned how to do their makeup from online tutorials. Bryony Keene only wore eyeliner and lipgloss occasionally, Monty didn’t wear makeup, and Holland had no older siblings or close cousins to teach them about cosmetics, so they had been on their own.

Fortunately, this was the kit Holland used for Drama Club, which meant there were a variety of foundation shades. There were wizarding cosmetics which magically adjusted to match the wearer’s skin tone, but Holland had yet to find one they liked. The texture wasn’t as smooth as other makeups.

Claudia had fair skin with warm undertones, and Holland quickly found an appropriate foundation for her. “Okay, so this is what we’re gonna use as our base. It doesn’t feel like wearing anything,” Holland was selective about how makeup felt on, and wasn’t planning on using heavy foundation for Claudia besides, “but it’ll even out your complexion. Not that yours needs much evening out, but it’s a good place to start.”

  • I suppose you are welcome - Claudia, Sat Mar 18 16:21
    “That makes two of us,” Claudia replied, with the ghost of a smile, when Holland denied being especially musically talented. Playing the piano to meet only her own low standards for musical aptitude... more
    • Don’t mind if I do - Holland, Fri Mar 24 11:37
      • I've decided I don't mind, either - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 15:36
        The sound of the chair screeching across the floor with no audible spell cast as a warning made Claudia jump. An additional side-effect of her surprise was that when she realised Holland meant to... more
        • I’m glad to hear it - Holland, Mon Apr 3 19:57
          “I do,” they said, applying the foundation and blending it with a makeup sponge. Holland moved closer to the edge of their chair. It made a squeaking noise that wasn’t quite as offensive as the sound ... more
          • I Feel Pretty - Claudia, Tue Apr 4 14:53
            Claudia could see how it might be fun to apply make-up to others. Sort of like artwork, she imagined, except your canvas was a walking, talking expression, that could perhaps compliment you (or... more
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