I've decided I don't mind, either
Tue Mar 28, 2017 15:36

The sound of the chair screeching across the floor with no audible spell cast as a warning made Claudia jump. An additional side-effect of her surprise was that when she realised Holland meant to apply make-up to her right there and then, the second year experienced some unanticipated nervousness. Although she supposed that she should expect nervousness by now, having spent the better part of the last two years in that state, but she didn’t think she would have anything to cause her anxiety, yet here she was, about to wear make-up for the first time, without her mother’s consent. She was still going to allow it, because she was still excited by the prospect, but her heart was thudding a little loudly for excitement alone.

As a delicate orb of light appeared before them, Claudia spared a moment to admire Holland’s nonverbal spells. She knew Dardanius had been working on nonverbal magic, but she hadn’t been able to witness much evidence of that type of magic from students. She thought about commenting on it to Holland, but then there was an open make-up box with products being removed from it, presumably for use, and Claudia forgot all about spells as she was passed a sealed cleaning wipe. Trying not to be too offended at the suggestion that her face might be dirty or oily, Claudia nevertheless did as she was told and wiped the cloth across her skin.

Holland explained about the base, and Claudia felt a strong compulsion to take notes. However she was without her quill, and her only parchment or paper was the sheet music on the piano, which definitely wasn’t the right place to be jotting about beauty products. Instead she nodded, and tried hard to retain this new information, otherwise she would have to ask to a recap at a later date.

She shut her eyes, waiting for Holland to start. “Do you like to apply make-up to other people?” Claudia asked, before considering that it might be more helpful for her mouth to be closed and her face to be still. She couldn’t deny that she felt a little rebellious, even though she was reasonably sure that her mother wouldn’t mind her wearing a little make-up in the theater, just to try it, applied by an older student, who did the theater make-up, who was also a friend of Danny’s. Really, it hardly counted as rule-breaking at all.

  • Don’t mind if I do - Holland, Fri Mar 24 11:37
    Having just heard the second-year playing, Holland categorically disagreed with Claudia’s statement about her musical ability. Claudia wasn’t going to play Carnegie Hall any time soon, but she was... more
    • I've decided I don't mind, either - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 15:36
      • I’m glad to hear it - Holland, Mon Apr 3 19:57
        “I do,” they said, applying the foundation and blending it with a makeup sponge. Holland moved closer to the edge of their chair. It made a squeaking noise that wasn’t quite as offensive as the sound ... more
        • I Feel Pretty - Claudia, Tue Apr 4 14:53
          Claudia could see how it might be fun to apply make-up to others. Sort of like artwork, she imagined, except your canvas was a walking, talking expression, that could perhaps compliment you (or... more
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