Brynjolf Nilssen
Not born to be a star.
Wed Jan 18, 2017 22:32

In general, Brynjolf didn’t really tend to spend his time in the theater. He left that to Norah, the only musical person in their family. But sometimes, the Draco liked to go and sit on the stage and ponder what it would be like to have dozens of people there watching him. It was more fantasy than anything of course, it would never happen. Especially not in two years when his little sister showed up at RMI’s doors. He was already dreading it.

In fact, it was giving him a bit of an existential crisis. His little sister basically domineered his life when he was at home. What if it happened at Rocky Mountain? Sure, he would be five years her senior, but knowing his conniving evil little sister, she’d find a way to take all his friends away from him. He’d already done the same with their parents. Life had been great until Bryn turned five, when his mother birthed the demon spawn that now brought havoc upon his life.

Thankfully, on this day, the Theater had been empty when the third year had walked in. Now he was on the stage, gangly limbs sprawled out on the hard surface. He was staring at the ceiling, rather enraptured by the architecture in the room. He sat up suddenly, fairly certain that he heard the door to the joint open. The Nord wrinkled his nose, peering into the dimmer lighting by the doors.

“Someone there?” He asked, yawning as he did so. Perhaps he should have gone with a nap instead of a crisis. After all, thirteen was far too young for that kind of thing.

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