Then let's get started
Fri Jul 28, 2017 23:38

Claudia looked happy, which made Marley happier. (She had been already happy to begin with, duh.) The dark-skinned girl beamed back at her friend. “Of course I’ll show you, that’s why I brought it! I really like listening to music when I’m working and stuff, but I don’t own an iPod - that’s, like, a mini version,” she explained rapidly, “- and this CD player is too heavy to just bring around with me all the time. My mum is, like, an expert with magimechanics, I mean, like, literally, it’s what she does, but she wouldn’t charm it lighter for me. Something about getting weak.”

Marley scrunched up her nose, more amused than annoyed at the memory. In retrospect, she shouldn’t have expected her mum, a former Beater, to enable her daughter, a current Beater, to get away with magically lightened things when she could instead use the normal-heavy things as weight training. Or something. She thought that actual weights were necessary for weight training, but there wasn’t a weightlifting room at RMI and Marley hadn’t even ever seen weights before; she just did push-ups sometimes at Quidditch practices and scrambled around the rock wall too. That was enough, right?

….maybe she should start lugging her CD player around more, after all.

“Okay, so, normally you’d have to plug a cord in here.” Marley tilted the CD player to show off the socket near its base. “But since it’s charmed not to run off electricity, all we gotta do is push it on.” She lacked the foresight to indicate which button that was; the circular power symbol on the top button was super obvious and consistent with, like, every electrical appliance ever, so. Nodding enthusiastically to Claudia’s question, Afro bouncing, she set down the CD player and pulled her knees up on the stage. “I brought lots!”

Scooching over to grab her knapsack. the bag was unzipped with a sharp yank to reveal a stack of twenty or so plastic casings. With uncharacteristic care, Marley began pulling them out, sliding them in not-too-neat rows across the floor. “Let’s find one you’d like… What about this?” She pointed at a disc whose neat cursive labelled it R. Owens and the Otiose Octet. “It’s, like, an opera singer, and some musicians who all magick different instruments. Or, oooh, d’you like poppy music?” she quizzed, offering an album by The Occasional Sweatervests for Claudia to review. The Picasso-esque portrait on the cover pulled a face.

  • I can play nicely - Claudia, Fri Jul 28 16:23
    Marley’s presence ignited a bittersweet combination of both relief and disappointment. Claudia was doing her best to be friends with the other girl, and she did like her, most of the time, but... more
    • Then let's get started - Marley, Fri Jul 28 23:38
      • How's this for starters? - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 15:31
        The Cetus girl was immediately pleased to have shown Marley how grateful she was, rather than to have expressed any reservations she was feeling about owning some magically manipulated Muggle... more
        • Definitely too much! - Marley, Fri Aug 4 00:06
          Marley nodded agreeably. “Opera is a good choice! I mean, not that any of these would be bad choices. All music is really great, just different,” she noted wisely. It wasn’t a proper, personal wisdom ... more
          • Forgive me; I'm new to friendship - Claudia, Sat Aug 5 14:53
            Marley made an effort to decline the necklace, but Claudia assumed her friend was just being meek (as opposed to really not wanting the gift), and as Marley made no move to stop her, Claudia... more
            • There's nothing to forgive - Marley, Wed Aug 9 19:15
              Claudia didn’t exactly hug her back, but Marley was so overwhelmed that she didn’t exactly notice, so that was fine. She sighed contentedly and squeezed the other girl a little tighter. Marley didn’t ... more
              • Hold that thought - Claudia, Sat Aug 12 13:27
                It seemed Marley’s attention was successfully diverted back to the CDs and player. Claudia supposed that was one of the advantages of her friend’s short attention span: Marley could accidentally... more
                • I wanna jump on this thought-train, now! - Marley, Sun Aug 13 23:40
                  Claudia moved slower than Marley would’ve, but she was pretty sure her friend had never seen a boom box before yet alone used one, so that was understandable. And it was, weirdly, super interesting... more
                  • The train is leaving the station - Claudia, Mon Aug 14 10:05
                    When Marley agreed to the girls’ day, Claudia felt a small ripple of excitement. She tried to convince herself it was just because she was excited to delve further into the world of cosmetics, but if ... more
                    • It's long gone - Marley, Thu Aug 17 22:24
                      When Claudia showed off her fingers, all that Marley could do was shrug a little, because that was weird. Not, like, bad-weird, just confusing-weird. Biting nails was a totally normal thing; Marley... more
                      • Let's just go home, then - Claudia, Sat Aug 19 07:48
                        Claudia was relatively certain that Holland would indeed let the girls borrow some of their nail polish, and that was certainly an option to consider. Still, Claudia did want to buy her own... more
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