How's this for starters?
Sun Jul 30, 2017 15:31

The Cetus girl was immediately pleased to have shown Marley how grateful she was, rather than to have expressed any reservations she was feeling about owning some magically manipulated Muggle technology, because Marley’s face showed such pleasure at her reaction. Obviously then Marley continued to talk as if her words would dry up if she didn’t use them all, so Claudia took the opportunity to join her friend on the stage. The ankle-length skirt Claudia was wearing was ideal for tucking neatly around her legs as she knelt down next to Marley and the CD player. She had coupled the vertical navy blue stripes on the off-white background of the skirt with a navy blue camisole, and the bold, yellow floral print of the skirt was mirrored in a lightweight yellow bolero. Her outfit was completed with navy blue satin pumps and a necklace that sat on her collarbone, comprised of small, blue pearls and a yellow enameled flower set to one side, on a silver chain. While her dark blonde hair had originally been loose that morning, Claudia had tied it back in a low ponytail simply to keep it out of her way while she had been playing.

As Marley began instructing her on the use of the machine, Claudia diligently paid attention. Some steps seemed to be lacking in the brief explanation, but if they would be using it now then Claudia supposed she would have another opportunity to learn. That was if she could ever chose something from the vast array of brightly colored cases Marley began laying out before them. “I really don’t know,” Claudia breathed. She hadn’t really listened to music, excepting her own piano music. Her grandparents played lots of classical music on their gramophone and one of caterers at home sang lots of folk songs that were pretty in her voice, but Claudia didn’t listen to any stations on the wireless so she wasn’t very much aware of modern music. Modern Muggle music was a complete mystery. “Maybe try the opera singer?”

She was actually quite excited by the new world Marley might be introducing with her very thoughtful, slightly eccentric, and most unnecessary gift. Claudia felt quite overwhelmed all of a sudden. She really wasn’t entirely sure that she and Marley could ever be great friends - they had such different views about so many things - but the Lyra girl was nothing if not generous. “I feel bad I haven’t given you anything,” Claudia admitted aloud. She didn’t even have her bag with her, so she couldn’t - oh wait. She did have something on her person she could give to Marley. Without a second thought, Claudia reached behind her neck and unfastened her necklace. “Here,” she held it out to Marley. “I got this in Paris last summer. It will look much better on you than me. I want you to have it, Marley.” Claudia moved to put the necklace on Marley, hoping the other girl wouldn’t refuse her offer.

  • Then let's get started - Marley, Fri Jul 28 23:38
    Claudia looked happy, which made Marley happier. (She had been already happy to begin with, duh.) The dark-skinned girl beamed back at her friend. “Of course I’ll show you, that’s why I brought it! I ... more
    • How's this for starters? - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 15:31
      • Definitely too much! - Marley, Fri Aug 4 00:06
        Marley nodded agreeably. “Opera is a good choice! I mean, not that any of these would be bad choices. All music is really great, just different,” she noted wisely. It wasn’t a proper, personal wisdom ... more
        • Forgive me; I'm new to friendship - Claudia, Sat Aug 5 14:53
          Marley made an effort to decline the necklace, but Claudia assumed her friend was just being meek (as opposed to really not wanting the gift), and as Marley made no move to stop her, Claudia... more
          • There's nothing to forgive - Marley, Wed Aug 9 19:15
            Claudia didn’t exactly hug her back, but Marley was so overwhelmed that she didn’t exactly notice, so that was fine. She sighed contentedly and squeezed the other girl a little tighter. Marley didn’t ... more
            • Hold that thought - Claudia, Sat Aug 12 13:27
              It seemed Marley’s attention was successfully diverted back to the CDs and player. Claudia supposed that was one of the advantages of her friend’s short attention span: Marley could accidentally... more
              • I wanna jump on this thought-train, now! - Marley, Sun Aug 13 23:40
                Claudia moved slower than Marley would’ve, but she was pretty sure her friend had never seen a boom box before yet alone used one, so that was understandable. And it was, weirdly, super interesting... more
                • The train is leaving the station - Claudia, Mon Aug 14 10:05
                  When Marley agreed to the girls’ day, Claudia felt a small ripple of excitement. She tried to convince herself it was just because she was excited to delve further into the world of cosmetics, but if ... more
                  • It's long gone - Marley, Thu Aug 17 22:24
                    When Claudia showed off her fingers, all that Marley could do was shrug a little, because that was weird. Not, like, bad-weird, just confusing-weird. Biting nails was a totally normal thing; Marley... more
                    • Let's just go home, then - Claudia, Sat Aug 19 07:48
                      Claudia was relatively certain that Holland would indeed let the girls borrow some of their nail polish, and that was certainly an option to consider. Still, Claudia did want to buy her own... more
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