There's nothing to forgive
Wed Aug 9, 2017 19:15

Claudia didn’t exactly hug her back, but Marley was so overwhelmed that she didn’t exactly notice, so that was fine. She sighed contentedly and squeezed the other girl a little tighter. Marley didn’t consider herself to have ever had very normal friendships - growing up sometimes in Toronto with her dad and sometimes on the road literally everywhere with her mum, it had been hard to have anything resembling consistent social interaction. Really, the only thing consistent about it was that Marley interacted socially and did so a lot. The people were always changing. Her friends at RMI, both by virtue of being her Only Magical Friends and due to living together basically twenty-four-seven, were therefore the first really consistent friends Marley had had, and exchanging gifts and hugging seemed like a super normal thing for friends to do, which combined with consistency made Claudia one of her Only Normal Friends. ‘Normal’ was a totally boring word, but in this context it was super cool and special and eep.

She liked hugs and didn’t have the chance to hug people very often at RMI and didn’t really want to stop, but at Claudia’s ‘you’re welcome’, she loosened her grip automatically. Thank-yous usually started hugging and you’re-welcomes were usually their end, like little word boundaries. One of them pulled back first, or maybe they did at the same time - she was too distracted by hugging Claudia her friend to notice the details of this specific hugging event - and then it was time for music. The next-best thing! “Yeah, okay,” Marley beamed, straightening up. Handing the CD they’d chosen to Claudia, she began stacking up the rest of the discs strewn around them, both quicker and less carefully than she had taken them out. Once she had cleared some space between them (via pushing the aforementioned discs out of the way and into a few haphazard stacks instead), she turned her grin back onto Claudia.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what to do and then you can do it, since you’ve never used a player before!” she suggested brightly, not waiting for an affirmative before barrelling on. “First, you’ve gotta take the CD out of the case. But be really careful to only touch the centre and the edges, like this,” she demonstrated the finger position, “because, like, one side of CDs always has art or whatever, but the other side has teeny-tiny bumps and lines, and if you get fingerprints on it then you have to clean it ‘cause it’ll mess up the music.” Marley’s dad had taught her how to pick up disks by using a DVD from some old movie he didn’t care about. And then it had taken literally a year for him to let her use his precious music collection.

“Once you have it,” she continued, “you just push that button to make the lid open, and then put the CD in and hit play! Now you do it!” At this instruction, she bobbed her head encouragingly, curls flopping over her forehead.

  • Forgive me; I'm new to friendship - Claudia, Sat Aug 5 14:53
    Marley made an effort to decline the necklace, but Claudia assumed her friend was just being meek (as opposed to really not wanting the gift), and as Marley made no move to stop her, Claudia... more
    • There's nothing to forgive - Marley, Wed Aug 9 19:15
      • Hold that thought - Claudia, Sat Aug 12 13:27
        It seemed Marley’s attention was successfully diverted back to the CDs and player. Claudia supposed that was one of the advantages of her friend’s short attention span: Marley could accidentally... more
        • I wanna jump on this thought-train, now! - Marley, Sun Aug 13 23:40
          Claudia moved slower than Marley would’ve, but she was pretty sure her friend had never seen a boom box before yet alone used one, so that was understandable. And it was, weirdly, super interesting... more
          • The train is leaving the station - Claudia, Mon Aug 14 10:05
            When Marley agreed to the girls’ day, Claudia felt a small ripple of excitement. She tried to convince herself it was just because she was excited to delve further into the world of cosmetics, but if ... more
            • It's long gone - Marley, Thu Aug 17 22:24
              When Claudia showed off her fingers, all that Marley could do was shrug a little, because that was weird. Not, like, bad-weird, just confusing-weird. Biting nails was a totally normal thing; Marley... more
              • Let's just go home, then - Claudia, Sat Aug 19 07:48
                Claudia was relatively certain that Holland would indeed let the girls borrow some of their nail polish, and that was certainly an option to consider. Still, Claudia did want to buy her own... more
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