Marley Chapman
Where's your confidence?
Sat Jan 21, 2017 00:40

Marley had decided to audition for the school musical this year. That decision wasn't because she wanted to - well, she did want to, she wouldn't have signed up otherwise, but not because she particularly enjoyed musicals or anything like that. In fact, she had never been to a musical before. It was going to be a completely Brand New experience for the twelve-year-old. Brand New experiences were exciting and always had something interesting to learn, so that was really a good enough reason for her to get involved.

But the real reason was because her dad was a musician, and her mum also played some instruments when she was younger although she didn't any more, and so Marley expected that she would wind up enjoying it just as much as they did. This would be another way that she could connect with them, she figured. She'd made the Lyra Quidditch team again, which was awesome. Her mum had played Quidditch all through university and it had been so nice getting to talk more with her about it and get some tips (and borrow her broom, too, because even though it was old, it was nicer than the questionably-old brooms stacked in the back of RMI's equipment shed... or maybe it was just the fact that her mum's broom was known-old that made it seem nicer).

Dad couldn't relate to Quidditch at all, though, whereas music was something she could relate to both of her parents with. So she was joining the musical! Marley hadn't found out what part she had gotten yet. Er, technically, she hadn't found out if she was even accepted to the musical yet, but she didn't see any reason why she wouldn't be. She had picked a nice folksy song from her new-since-the-summer favourite band One Eyed Mermaid and had practiced for, like, three whole hours before going to the audition. She had even skipped lunch to practice. That was dedication!

...or so she had thought. A letter from home taught her that three hours, while admirable and something her mum was proud of, wasn't enough to perfect her voice. Mum had suggested playing some scales on the piano in the Lyra common-room to sing along with. But that sounded boring, so Marley had instead lugged her charmed thrift-store boombox out of her dorm so that she could practice singing real songs on a real stage.

Using her foot to nudge open the door, she realized the theatre wasn't empty. “Bryn!” she exclaimed happily when she saw her friend sitting on the stage. “Hiii!” She marched down the centre aisle, silver boombox nestled snugly in her arms and the usual cloud of curls bouncing around her head. “What're you doing here?”

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    • Where's your confidence? - Marley Chapman, Sat Jan 21 00:40
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