Armaan Bansal
Nostalgic already
Sat Aug 19, 2017 00:21

In all honesty, the ceiling of RMI’s theater was one of Armaan’s favorite things to look at. There wasn’t anything all that special about it, but he’d spent countless hours staring at it over the past few years while lying flat on the stage figuring out notes and lyrics. It was the view he’d miss most next year. With a sigh, he rolled over onto his stomach and scribbled some more lines on the notebook next to him even though he knew it was all crap. It turned out that being genuinely sad and dejected didn’t actually inspire good writing. The tortured artist thing was a lie.

The seventh-year crumpled up his paper and threw it in the general direction of the pile of rejected lyrics he’d been building up the entire afternoon. He probably ought to call it quits for the day, but the only thing waiting for him was homework. Though, he had been thinking about taking his scraps of paper and burning them by the Pitch. It’d probably make for a really cathartic moment, and he knew aguamenti well enough to handle things if the flames got away from him. Probably.

Before he could do that though, he needed to play a song, any song, to lift up his spirits. It was the one rule Armaan forced himself to follow in his creative practice: You can’t leave the room until you play something you like. It made it much easier to show up the next day for practice. Grabbing his guitar, he closed his eyes and began strumming aimlessly, waiting for a song to come to mind. Instead, he thought of Holland. Armaan hated gossip and drama, he was practically allergic to it, but that didn’t mean he was totally out of touch with RMI’s grapevine. He was well aware of the official and unofficial story of the drama that had happened with his ex last year. And yet, he hadn’t brought it up with Holland at all, hadn’t offered any support. And if it ever came up indirectly in conversation, Armaan changed the topic as soon as possible. The guilt had been slowly chewing him up all summer.

It had just been too awkward to discuss. What was he supposed to say? “Hey, sorry people suck?” Ugh. It was useless, but it would have been better than nothing. Armaan frowned – there was some reckoning to do – but that could come later. First, he had to play a song. As if on cue, his hands picked up some familiar chords from a song he’d written last year. With a steadying breath, he started singing softly. A year later, the song wasn’t as good as he’d once thought it was, but it was the nostalgia it brought on that made it special anyway. It was a sixth-year song, a nap on the Pitch, enjoy life for what it is song, a song about dumb friends and parties and enjoying salad for lunch. It was a song about good things.

With a slow smile, Armaan sang the last refrain and opened his eyes. Unexpectedly, he found himself facing an audience of one. “So, uh, what’d you think?”

    • It’s not over yet - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 20 12:16
      It was a talent show year, and Holland was thinking about participating, because apparently with seven classes, Animagus work, Quidditch, and a baby, they didn’t have enough to do. Holland wanted to... more
      • But the clock is ticking - Armaan, Sun Sep 10 01:38
        An easy grin lifted onto Armaan’s face as Holland said they liked the song and turned into a chuckle at the mention of salad. As he leaned closer to get a better look at Holland’s baby, he suddenly... more
        • Then hurry up - Holland, Sat Sep 16 14:23
          Forgetting that he had his fake baby with him was honestly the sort of thing Holland expected from Armaan. He seemed to be enjoying the Cultural Studies project more than most of their classmates,... more
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