Let's just go home, then
Sat Aug 19, 2017 07:48

Claudia was relatively certain that Holland would indeed let the girls borrow some of their nail polish, and that was certainly an option to consider. Still, Claudia did want to buy her own regardless of whether or not Holland's were available for use, so she might as well buy her own and save them all the trouble of using Holland’s. She nodded in affirmation when Marley asked if there might be a place on Pearl Street that sold cosmetics - Claudia was, again, relatively certain such a store existed - and the blonde was already mentally planning when she might be able to get far enough along the mall to make a purchase.

Then Marley’s suggestion of them going together at the weekend derailed Claudia’s meticulous planning, and caused her thoughts to whirl in a frenzy instead. Shopping with Marley sounded exhausting, and Claudia hadn't even made it past the bookshop yet. The store they would need might be ages further along, and Claudia felt her fingertips twitch just thinking about it. This weekend? That was very soon. But how was she supposed to say no without admitting her anxiety or making Marley think she didn't want to go with her? Because actually sometimes it was better if Claudia went places the first time with someone else, so she didn't have to be solely responsible for navigating new terrains and interacting with new people, so having Marley there might be an advantage, but it could also be headache-inducing.

“S-sure,” Claudia found herself saying, in lieu of formulating anything better to say. She could definitely head out on her own at least one time before the weekend, maybe even two if she really tried, and she'd just have to really push herself to go farther than she was really comfortable going. With any luck she'd find a store that sold nail polishes before she had a complete meltdown. The third year discreetly pushed her fist into her leg on her side furthest from Marley, it's uncomfortable pressure drawing her attention away from panic. If she felt she really couldn't go through with the visit, either before she left the school or during their excursion, she could always feign illness. That had worked for her before.

“Though we should do the painting at school,” Claudia could at least make that adjustment. “So we can use the CD player and listen to some more music,” she gestured unnecessarily to the machine still churning out pleasant melodies.

  • It's long gone - Marley, Thu Aug 17 22:24
    When Claudia showed off her fingers, all that Marley could do was shrug a little, because that was weird. Not, like, bad-weird, just confusing-weird. Biting nails was a totally normal thing; Marley... more
    • Let's just go home, then - Claudia, Sat Aug 19 07:48
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