But the clock is ticking
Sun Sep 10, 2017 01:38

An easy grin lifted onto Armaan’s face as Holland said they liked the song and turned into a chuckle at the mention of salad. As he leaned closer to get a better look at Holland’s baby, he suddenly gasped, turned, and leapt to his feet before running to the back of the stage.

A few seconds later he returned, his own baby in his arm, whispering quietly to it “We’re just going to keep this little incident between us, right ‘lil pumpkin? No need to tell Zoey I forgot you back there, none at all.” Armaan then gently fist-bumped the small doll and gingerly jumped off the stage to stand by Holland. Upon closer look, it was apparent that the baby was swaddled in one of the Aquila’s old t-shirts, possibly a pajama shirt. Without missing a beat, he said “Nah, I’m trying to write something new for the talent show but I haven’t been able to think of anything. I mean, I could do the song I just did, yeah, but I wrote that last year and it’s all old news.”

Armaan plopped down next to Holland, stretching his feet out before him. “But, I’m down to play it for her,” he said gesturing to Holland’s baby, “If it’ll help with the sleeping thing. Can you believe it, this nugget doesn’t like any of my songs.” He lifted the doll up so it stood on its feet, balancing precariously in his lap. “But play some classical music and she’s out like a light. It’s actually kind of insulting.” Upon hearing the sound of whimpers, Armaan set the baby back down on his lap and began playing peek-a-boo, eliciting some highly realistic laughter from it. Even though he was still adjusting to the not-so-fun parts of being a parent, he was loving the assignment overall. He’d never had a pet before so this was his first time being responsible for something, and unlike being forced to babysit Dhruv and Rhiya, taking care of the doll was surprisingly fulfilling.

Armaan glanced at Holland, then looked back down. While they were dating he’d always had the feeling that Holland has some sort of strange sixth sense that told them when they were being thought about. He knew his ex probably had a very valid reason for being in the theater at that very moment, but it also didn’t seem like a coincidence that he’d been thinking of them earlier and then opened his eyes to see them sitting right there. Armaan was superstitious enough to believe in signs from the universe, but that didn’t mean he was going to jump right in to a difficult topic. So, as casually as possible, he turned to Holland and said, “Anyway, how’s this term been going? Better than the last, I hope.”

  • It’s not over yet - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 20 12:16
    It was a talent show year, and Holland was thinking about participating, because apparently with seven classes, Animagus work, Quidditch, and a baby, they didn’t have enough to do. Holland wanted to... more
    • But the clock is ticking - Armaan, Sun Sep 10 01:38
      • Then hurry up - Holland, Sat Sep 16 14:23
        Forgetting that he had his fake baby with him was honestly the sort of thing Holland expected from Armaan. He seemed to be enjoying the Cultural Studies project more than most of their classmates,... more
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