Then hurry up
Sat Sep 16, 2017 14:23

Forgetting that he had his fake baby with him was honestly the sort of thing Holland expected from Armaan. He seemed to be enjoying the Cultural Studies project more than most of their classmates, but he was no Emmett. Emmett wasn’t the brightest parent in the PTA, but he was definitely treating Synnöve like an actual baby. If there were points for taking the assignment seriously, Emmett would come out top of the class.

Holland was slightly concerned that Emmett was going to steal the doll at the end of the project, and even more concerned about what would happen when the charms on it deactivated. Because they would, eventually, and then what would Emmett do? He needed a kitten or something. “Then she has no taste,” Holland joked to Armaan. “Maybe Diana will be a good influence on her.”

Was this semester better than last? There had been the whole thing with Lucien, which was probably what Armaan was referring to. That had upset them, but in the end they’d gotten to see all of their friends (and much of the school) stand up for them, and that had been… heartwarming. There was the breakup with Ruben, which had sucked even though Holland had instigated it. But there was also dating Ruben, and that had been very enjoyable.

If last semester had been characterized by Holland having drama, then this semester, their friends have decided that it was their collective turn for drama. And their collective drama was more dramatic than Holland’s had been last year. The latest was that Rose and Emmett were dating, which wasn’t dramatic but was very odd. The relationship didn’t make sense, but Holland weren’t going to tell Rose and Emmett that. If Holland was the kind of conspiracy theorist who believed in pod people they would have suspected that some kind of substitution had happened. Polyjuice and the Imperius Curse were real options, but Emmett had a certain Emmettness that was unreplicable. Maybe someone was mind-controlling Rose and Emmett was a pawn in the game. That was more believable. But if Holland was going to guess who might mind-control Rose, the prime suspect was her pureblooded father, and having Rose date Emmett wouldn’t advance his agenda. Emmett was technically pureblooded, but he wasn’t the aristocratic kind of pureblood.

What was the question? “Yeah, I guess so,” Holland said. “Last term was… interesting for me. This year’s been pretty light on personal drama,” as in, they really had nothing going on, which was fine, “but all my friends are having weird relationship stuff now and I’m the default advice person. It’s getting a little exhausting.” Especially Danny and Marissa being off again, and the whole thing with Ruben. That was a mess.

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    An easy grin lifted onto Armaan’s face as Holland said they liked the song and turned into a chuckle at the mention of salad. As he leaned closer to get a better look at Holland’s baby, he suddenly... more
    • Then hurry up - Holland, Sat Sep 16 14:23
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