Camilla Baird
An Old Distraction
Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:30

It had been a while since the blonde had sat down in front of a piano, and doing so made her feel as anxious as every time she had done so before. Camilla gently passed her long fingers over the white keys and took a deep breath before using her index finger to play a key. The sound echoed through the theater, and she smiled to herself.

It had been a while.

The Cetus had taken piano lessons for as long as she could remember and she had only stopped with them the second she had turned 17. Her mother had insisted since very early that Camilla needed to play the piano because him played it and quite well, apparently. The blonde had never cared about it, but today, after her strange midterm she had the need to reconnect to the activity. Camilla wasn’t looking for a relationship with Hector Edwards, but playing piano was something that connected her to the Edwards family, even if it was a very small connection.

Camilla smiled as she continued aimlessly playing the different notes and letting their mismatched music fill her ears and her surroundings. She had to admit that the music that came from a well-played symphony could be relaxing and beautiful. The blonde shifted her position in front of the piano, placed her fingers on the initial keys and without thinking much, she began playing one of her favorite songs by Beethoven.

As soon as the first notes began playing, the blonde forgot her anxiety of doing something that had shoved down her throat by an overzealous mother that had always pushed her to be an Edwards in everything but name. Camilla lost herself in the beauty of the song that her fingers had been trained to play by a very strict teacher. The bad memories of everything that was related to the activity she was doing now flew away as she become engrossed in the music that was filling the theater in a magical symphony.

She was here, she was in the theater by herself and for the first time in years she was enjoying it because she had chosen to do so. Her mother wasn’t pushing something towards her for completely selfish reasons. No, Camilla was playing the piano because she wanted to, because deep down she was proud of what her hands were capable of producing and deep down she had always enjoyed losing herself in the music.

    • You're more to me than just that - Dardanius Dubois, Tue Sep 19 16:00
      As someone who had always been prone to overthinking, often to levels potentially hazardous to health (and certainly detrimental to normal functioning), Dardanius hadn’t imagined that he would be... more
      • I would have hoped so! - Camilla, Tue Sep 19 16:38
        Music kept coming out of the piano under the movement of her fingers that the blonde felt like she had been transported to the tranquility of an enclosed cove filled with relaxing noises of the... more
        • You're also a pianist - Dardanius, Tue Sep 19 17:24
          “Hey,” Danny replied, his grin broadening. Camilla didn’t seem to mind the distraction, and the way she flexed her fingers indicated she might have been about due for a break, anyway. She further... more
          • Sort of? It's been a while - Camilla , Tue Sep 19 17:58
            “Apparently everything changes once you have Alec Edwards´seal of approval,” Camilla answered Danny’s question with a serious tone, but her lips were pursued in a small smile. The blonde´s experience ... more
            • Sometimes a break is good for us - Danny, Wed Sep 20 15:00
              Danny nodded along while Camilla briefly explained her altered circumstances. He'd never had much to do with the Edwards families, but was peripherally aware of them, mostly by dint of attending... more
              • Hope it's not a long break! - Camilla, Wed Sep 20 15:39
                The blonde scooted over while she listened to Danny talking about inevitabilities, armies, strategies and sleep. Camilla chuckled and shifted her position to face her friend. Danny seemed changed?... more
                • Be careful what you wish for - Danny, Wed Sep 20 16:32
                  Whatever they were talking about, Camilla seemed to accept his premise that the future needed tone confronted in any hurry. He liked her metaphor of walking into her future; it was apt. He was trying ... more
                  • I'm certain that's a very good wish - Camilla, Thu Sep 21 11:07
                    “You are absolutely right,” Camilla grinned back at Danny. Their personalities were too opposite and even when she enjoyed and liked Danny they didn't compliment one another that well. Yes, they... more
                    • Traditionally you get Three - Danny, Sun Sep 24 15:41
                      Dardanius grinned, enjoying Camilla's flattery. He had never considered himself to be unattractive, and the awkwardness of adolescence was receding from his features with satisfying results, which,... more
                      • Ooh! I still have two more! - Camilla, Mon Sep 25 01:58
                        Mason was great, at least from what she remembered about him when they were younger, and from they had had lived during the christmas break. It had been amazing and very intense if she was honest,... more
                        • How will you use them? - Danny, Mon Sep 25 07:01
                          Danny didn’t disagree; he liked Rachel and thought they probably would have a good time, and he was sort of excited about it. That didn’t stop it feeling all kinds of weird, though. The chances of... more
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