Sometimes a break is good for us
Wed Sep 20, 2017 15:00

Danny nodded along while Camilla briefly explained her altered circumstances. He'd never had much to do with the Edwards families, but was peripherally aware of them, mostly by dint of attending school with Camilla. “I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,” he said, the hint of a laugh behind his smile. Yes, he imagined the seventh year would have fun being fawned over by those who had previously sneered at her.

“But mostly I enjoyed your side of the Pureblood world and now I see your point of view,” Camilla said. Danny’s expression twitched for the briefest moment before he relaxed again into being interested and mildly entertained by his friend’s evolution into a debutant. He considered that she'd always done well so far at seeing things from his point of view anyway, but experiencing something first hand was perhaps quite different to being sympathetic. “Though mostly, I think I realize that I can't really run away from something that's going to follow me wherever I go. It's better I just confront it. No?”

He considered her philosophy for a moment while she pressed a few keys apparently at random. “I guess there’s no point running from the inevitable,” he said after a short pause, “but you don't need to confront it immediately, either.” He gestured for her to scoot over on the stool, which wasn't really big enough for them both to sit on but he perched on the edge of it anyway. “Sometimes it might be better to plan a strategy, gather an army, or maybe just get a good night’s sleep.” He smiled, not sure what aspect of her experience she was confronting, or even whether he was talking about Camilla anymore, seeing as his own inevitabilities had entered his consciousness. “Confront in your own time. There's no hurry.” It sounded like good advice applicable to many scenarios, if he said so himself. Though perhaps Camilla had already confronted her dark shadow, and his opinion here was redundant.

  • Sort of? It's been a while - Camilla , Tue Sep 19 17:58
    “Apparently everything changes once you have Alec Edwards´seal of approval,” Camilla answered Danny’s question with a serious tone, but her lips were pursued in a small smile. The blonde´s experience ... more
    • Sometimes a break is good for us - Danny, Wed Sep 20 15:00
      • Hope it's not a long break! - Camilla, Wed Sep 20 15:39
        The blonde scooted over while she listened to Danny talking about inevitabilities, armies, strategies and sleep. Camilla chuckled and shifted her position to face her friend. Danny seemed changed?... more
        • Be careful what you wish for - Danny, Wed Sep 20 16:32
          Whatever they were talking about, Camilla seemed to accept his premise that the future needed tone confronted in any hurry. He liked her metaphor of walking into her future; it was apt. He was trying ... more
          • I'm certain that's a very good wish - Camilla, Thu Sep 21 11:07
            “You are absolutely right,” Camilla grinned back at Danny. Their personalities were too opposite and even when she enjoyed and liked Danny they didn't compliment one another that well. Yes, they... more
            • Traditionally you get Three - Danny, Sun Sep 24 15:41
              Dardanius grinned, enjoying Camilla's flattery. He had never considered himself to be unattractive, and the awkwardness of adolescence was receding from his features with satisfying results, which,... more
              • Ooh! I still have two more! - Camilla, Mon Sep 25 01:58
                Mason was great, at least from what she remembered about him when they were younger, and from they had had lived during the christmas break. It had been amazing and very intense if she was honest,... more
                • How will you use them? - Danny, Mon Sep 25 07:01
                  Danny didn’t disagree; he liked Rachel and thought they probably would have a good time, and he was sort of excited about it. That didn’t stop it feeling all kinds of weird, though. The chances of... more
                  • I have to think about this very carefully - Camilla, Thu Sep 28 18:09
                    Danny was one of the most respectful and nice wizards she had ever met. Camilla was sure that life through Danny’s eyes would be a very interesting experience in every aspect. She was sure Danny was... more
                    • Your time may be up - Danny, Fri Sep 29 09:24
                      Danny nodded along as Camilla concluded he had years left to decide what to do with his life. He genuinely hoped that was true, because he was counting on it. Even without all the family stuff to... more
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