Hope it's not a long break!
Wed Sep 20, 2017 15:39

The blonde scooted over while she listened to Danny talking about inevitabilities, armies, strategies and sleep. Camilla chuckled and shifted her position to face her friend. Danny seemed changed? Her head casually leaned to her side and watched the wizard in front of her with a new light. Something had changed him. Had it been Marissa? Camilla was truly surprised they hadn't ended up with the redhead. It would be a lie if she said she wasn't curious to know the reason behind that, but she couldn't really hide the fact that she was glad. Marissa was Marissa and Danny was, well, Danny. Those two were more incompatible than oil and water.

The blonde had a lot of questions for Danny, but everyone of those were linked to touchy subjects and she didn't want to make him uncomfortable. So, she decided to not ask him how he was doing after being stabbed by Ruben - which if one thought about the blonde Swede was a lingering menace over the well being of the general student population, but he was also very hot. Camilla tried to chastise herself when that very thought came up to the surface, but reality couldn't be denied even if Ruben was sort of a loathsome, evil, violent, blonde God.

Anyways, she needed to focus on Danny now.

Camilla mused over Danny’s last piece of advice, which was perfectly logical to be honest, “One step at a time,” the witch said confidently. She had no need to jump all the way into the future, but she was certainly enjoying the scenic route Alec Edwards had opened up to her, “I´m enjoying the walk into the future,” she said honestly. And she had to admit that having Alec behind her had opened a lot of roads for her. For once, she had talked to the President of Magical Harvard and it had gone incredibly well. Harvard University was her first choice for magical college once she graduated and was anxiously waiting for her acceptance letter.

“How about we talk about the fact that people asked me about you over break?” she said with a laugh. “Apparently there was something between us,” she clarified, but refrained from mentioning the fact that she knew about that for a few months. It wasn't a good idea to stress Danny over something as trivial as that. She was already dating someone Mrs. Randolph was sure her grandfather would approve. “I wouldn't have minded dating you,” she finished playfully passing her fingers through his hair.

  • Sometimes a break is good for us - Danny, Wed Sep 20 15:00
    Danny nodded along while Camilla briefly explained her altered circumstances. He'd never had much to do with the Edwards families, but was peripherally aware of them, mostly by dint of attending... more
    • Hope it's not a long break! - Camilla, Wed Sep 20 15:39
      • Be careful what you wish for - Danny, Wed Sep 20 16:32
        Whatever they were talking about, Camilla seemed to accept his premise that the future needed tone confronted in any hurry. He liked her metaphor of walking into her future; it was apt. He was trying ... more
        • I'm certain that's a very good wish - Camilla, Thu Sep 21 11:07
          “You are absolutely right,” Camilla grinned back at Danny. Their personalities were too opposite and even when she enjoyed and liked Danny they didn't compliment one another that well. Yes, they... more
          • Traditionally you get Three - Danny, Sun Sep 24 15:41
            Dardanius grinned, enjoying Camilla's flattery. He had never considered himself to be unattractive, and the awkwardness of adolescence was receding from his features with satisfying results, which,... more
            • Ooh! I still have two more! - Camilla, Mon Sep 25 01:58
              Mason was great, at least from what she remembered about him when they were younger, and from they had had lived during the christmas break. It had been amazing and very intense if she was honest,... more
              • How will you use them? - Danny, Mon Sep 25 07:01
                Danny didn’t disagree; he liked Rachel and thought they probably would have a good time, and he was sort of excited about it. That didn’t stop it feeling all kinds of weird, though. The chances of... more
                • I have to think about this very carefully - Camilla, Thu Sep 28 18:09
                  Danny was one of the most respectful and nice wizards she had ever met. Camilla was sure that life through Danny’s eyes would be a very interesting experience in every aspect. She was sure Danny was... more
                  • Your time may be up - Danny, Fri Sep 29 09:24
                    Danny nodded along as Camilla concluded he had years left to decide what to do with his life. He genuinely hoped that was true, because he was counting on it. Even without all the family stuff to... more
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