Ooh! I still have two more!
Mon Sep 25, 2017 01:58

Mason was great, at least from what she remembered about him when they were younger, and from they had had lived during the christmas break. It had been amazing and very intense if she was honest, but she didn't regret anything that had happened. She couldn't really cling to a wish that had no roots in anything. Waiting for Elijah was not a smart move on her part, especially since her best friend had never showed any interest in her other than their current relationship, and Camilla was fine with it. Well, not really, but she was working hard on it, and dating Mason was her moving on from her unrequited love.

And it was working! She was happy with her budding relationship and she barely thought about Elijah.. That often. Mason wa a very good distraction, and even when she didn't actually feel anything other than physical attraction to Mason, she was okay with how things were going. Maybe things would change. Her boyfriend was smart and nice. She just needed to cleanse her heart and soul from Elijah.

Camilla listened as Danny talked, “I'm sure you will like him,” she commented while mentally planning a meeting between them. She wanted Danny to meet Mason, especially since she knew they would get along. Camilla would love to have another ally when it came to Pureblood parties. She was sure she would see Danny in one sooner rather than later.

Maybe a double date? Camilla blinked, genuinely surprised at what Danny told her. She honestly had not thought Danny was capable of dating someone that wasn't Marissa. However, she was pretty happy her friend was branching out of his friend group for a romantic relationship. The blonde smiled and squeezed his shoulder in support, “Rachel. Huh.” Camilla had never been good in preventing her emotions from showing freely on her face, and Danny probably had an idea of how she felt about Marissa and his friend. She tried to be civil about it and even offer advice when needed, but ultimately he knew she didn't like them.

“She is a nice girl,” Camilla said of her yearmate. She had spent some time with the Lyra girl since their year housed a small number of students. “You’ll have a good time with her,” she finalized with proudness in her voice over this development.

“Danny, what changed your mind? Last time we talked about dating and making out and relationships you were pretty set on your ideals,” Camilla smiled encouragingly. “You don't have to answer if you don't want to,” she finished. Though she hoped he would answer because she was honestly curious to know what had happened to change his mind over break.

  • Traditionally you get Three - Danny, Sun Sep 24 15:41
    Dardanius grinned, enjoying Camilla's flattery. He had never considered himself to be unattractive, and the awkwardness of adolescence was receding from his features with satisfying results, which,... more
    • Ooh! I still have two more! - Camilla, Mon Sep 25 01:58
      • How will you use them? - Danny, Mon Sep 25 07:01
        Danny didn’t disagree; he liked Rachel and thought they probably would have a good time, and he was sort of excited about it. That didn’t stop it feeling all kinds of weird, though. The chances of... more
        • I have to think about this very carefully - Camilla, Thu Sep 28 18:09
          Danny was one of the most respectful and nice wizards she had ever met. Camilla was sure that life through Danny’s eyes would be a very interesting experience in every aspect. She was sure Danny was... more
          • Your time may be up - Danny, Fri Sep 29 09:24
            Danny nodded along as Camilla concluded he had years left to decide what to do with his life. He genuinely hoped that was true, because he was counting on it. Even without all the family stuff to... more
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