How will you use them?
Mon Sep 25, 2017 07:01

Danny didnít disagree; he liked Rachel and thought they probably would have a good time, and he was sort of excited about it. That didnít stop it feeling all kinds of weird, though. The chances of them being a couple for very long - if they even made it to that stage - were slim, because Rachel was graduating in a few months and going to college anyway. Dardanius actually found that reassuring; nothing was going to get too serious any time soon. He wasnít as into Rachel as he was is had been with Marissa, but she was smart and attractive and they had a reasonable amount in common, so yes, he expected to have a good time. ďThatís the plan,Ē he said to Camilla.

Then he asked him about what had changed his mind. He shrugged as a first response, because he wasnít really sure there was just one reason, and he wasnít sure he wanted to talk about it, anyway. The catalyst had obviously been the conversation heíd had with his mother, when she had very explicitly explained that he had an out, if he wanted it. Yet that wasnít the reason heíd decided to try dating. In fact he still had every intention of fulfilling his duties as heir. ďIím still set on my ideals,Ē he said, frowning a little as he tried to decide how much of everything he wanted to tell Camilla. ďOr, their ideals, I guess,Ē he amended, with Ďthemí being the unidentified proprietors of tradition. He still believed in some aspects of society - his father used his fortune to invest in small businesses, his mother devoted a lot of her time to charities and fundraising, and he was keen for his own future offspring to enjoy the privileges and opportunities that Dardanius had himself enjoyed - but there were definitely outdated practises and social elitism that he wasnít keen to support. Holland had once mentioned he could maybe affect change from the inside, and Danny had felt drawn to that concept. He didnít yet know how, but it was something to consider, later down the line.

Considering the future, even Dardanius Dubois, following the path his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had before him, would have to marry one day, and sure, he could be betrothed to a relative stranger, or to his second cousin, but if he had the choice (and it seemed fate had been kind enough to deal him that hand) he really would rather have some input into the decision. It would be helpful, for example, to meet and fall in love with a beautiful pureblood girl of the right age and background, and have her return those feelings. It hadnít happened yet, and Danny didnít expect it to happen any time soon, probably due largely to two main reasons: the first being that he hadnít attempted romance of any sort until about this time last year, and since then all his experiences had been very quickly followed by panic, confusion, self-loathing and freaking out. It would be practical, he was certain, to at least try doing something that didnít lead to such an eventuality.

The second reason, naturally, was that he was too busy being interested in Marissa to be interested in anyone else. In deference, again, to trying something that didnít lead to panic, confusion, etc., etc., Danny concluded it was paramount he tried dating somebody who wasnít Marissa. However he knew how Camilla felt about Marissa, so he didnít think he wanted to discuss that right now.

ďI just figured it couldnít hurt to try having an actual relationship for once,Ē he said, instead, ďjust to see what thatís like. Have some fun dating experiences before that option isnít available to me anymore, I guess.Ē

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    • How will you use them? - Danny, Mon Sep 25 07:01
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        Danny was one of the most respectful and nice wizards she had ever met. Camilla was sure that life through Dannyís eyes would be a very interesting experience in every aspect. She was sure Danny was... more
        • Your time may be up - Danny, Fri Sep 29 09:24
          Danny nodded along as Camilla concluded he had years left to decide what to do with his life. He genuinely hoped that was true, because he was counting on it. Even without all the family stuff to... more
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