Claudia Dubois
Nope nope nope
Tue Nov 14, 2017 14:24

Life seemed to be exceptionally frustrating recently. Adults who joked about teenaged years being confusing obviously couldn’t remember them in the slightest, because if they could then they would have more sympathy and make fewer jokes. Claudia hadn’t even been a teenager for very long, and already she didn’t like it (although perhaps she would like it more as she adjusted to this strange era of her life, but current evidence suggested it was just going to get worse for the next few years - the older students at RMI alone were proof of that). Claudia was dealing with the new bouts of friendship drama and emotional turmoil by secluding herself safely in her dormitory for long periods of time where nobody could disturb her.

Admittedly, this approach did have the potential to make any existing relationships further fraught with contention derived in her absence, but it allowed her some time to be on her own and think. She always done that a lot, anyway, but it felt like she had an awful lot to think about these days.

Claudia also liked to pass the time by developing her skills in self beautification. She had now an array of nail polishes that she could apply neatly, and she had base and top coats, and a glass file, and even one polish with glitter. She also was experimenting more with darker and more vivid makeups, and she had successfully charmed her hair lighter on a couple of occasions, although doing so made her especially nervous. If she decided to change the shade so other people would see it (all her current experimentation took place in her dormitory with nobody else to witness it), the third year would purchase some hair dye. She had already looked at some in Veela’s Vanity, but changing her hair color was a bold move and Claudia wasn’t sure she was ready for that. Yet.

Therefore, despite her extra alone time, Claudia’s grades hadn’t improved any, because she was spending no more time on schoolwork. Admittedly, her grades were more than satisfactory anyway, and she was certain she was one of the top few students in each of her subjects, but there was always room for improvement. She had, in fact, planned to be working on a Cultural Studies assignment right at that moment, but she had misplaced it. This was very unlike her, considering all her things were so meticulously cared for. Claudia had a quick search around her immaculately tidy living space, and then remembered that her bag had toppled while she’d been playing piano earlier on in the day (she had signed up to accompany Marley dancing at the talent show, and while she held some reservations about it, her father had expressed excitement at coming to hear her play, so she was committed now) and a textbook had slid under the piano. She had retrieved the book, but perhaps her essay had fallen, too, and Claudia hadn’t noticed.

Considering this to be the most likely scenario at this juncture, Claudia had returned to the theater to find it. The essay was almost complete; it would be galling to have to start it again from scratch when it was due in the morning, and also she would have to report a missing essay in case another student tried to turn it in with their own name on it. Claudia was gifted with sufficient intelligence and morality to never consider such a thing, but she knew very well that RMI harbored a black market for homework.

Quietly frustrated (she was in a constant state of frustration these days), Claudia pushed open the door and had made it halfway to the piano before she even noticed that the stage was occupied. She froze for the tiniest fraction of a moment. The only person in the school she had ever found the need to avoid entirely and completely was on the stage. Worse than that, he was punching things. Yet worse than that, Ruben Lundqvist was not fully dressed.

Feeling a lightheadedness that usually came right before she passed out, and a burning in her cheeks that suggested they might light up the auditorium on their own, Claudia moved feet that felt like lead onwards along their path. If she stopped he would assume she wanted to talk to him (which she categorically did not; her gut reaction to his greeting, “Not particularly,” remained, mercifully, unspoken), and she would not have her spellwork essay. She absolutely refused to rewrite it just because she was alone in the theatre with a lunatic. She just had to get to the piano, get the essay that simply had to be underneath the instrument, and then get out of there before anything occurred that would confine her to the safety of her dormitory for the rest of the year.

  • A good workout makes for a good view - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Nov 13 22:14
    To Ruben’s loud and vocal disappointment, Garen Tennant, the so-called ‘counsellor’ slash theatre director at RMI, had not allowed him to bring in a suitable partner for his martial arts... more
    • Nope nope nope - Claudia Dubois, Tue Nov 14 14:24
      • You're just in denial - Ruben, Tue Nov 14 21:23
        The punching bag swung back and was met solidly by his right forearm. Ruben grunted, pleased by the impact, and drew his left arm back to return it, jabbing in two sharp motions against where the... more
        • You're barking up the wrong tree - Claudia, Thu Nov 16 07:11
          He’s just a person, Claudia calmly reminded herself as she continued walking towards the piano, the room around her swaying a little as she did so. She tried to block Ruben out, to just focus on her... more
          • I don't "bark". I bite. - Ruben, Sun Nov 19 23:01
            To Ruben’s knowledge, he was the only one signed up to do basically a fight demo for the school talent show. That was a bit weird. Like, he was obviously far superior in terms of martial arts and his ... more
            • The we'll need to muzzle you - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 14:54
              The moment the words left her lips, Claudia stopped longing for the ground to swallow her up, and started wishing for instant death. Because even if she suddenly got transported somewhere calm and... more
              • I'd like to see you try - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 23:08
                He was surprised to observe how quickly the colour left Claudia’s face, though also not surprised at all, considering how their interaction so far had gone. Good Lord, was the girl really this easily ... more
                • I have minions - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 08:18
                  He’d said his part, why couldn’t he just let her leave? Claudia managed to take a few unsteady steps towards the exit. She had all the physiological symptoms that signalled fainting was imminent: her ... more
                  • I'll take all of them on! - Ruben, Wed Nov 22 22:46
                    Or apparently not, because the kid shouted out an answer to a question he hadn’t asked and then collapsed. Ruben had been facing her as she walked off, because that was the polite thing to do, much... more
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