You're just in denial
Tue Nov 14, 2017 21:23

The punching bag swung back and was met solidly by his right forearm. Ruben grunted, pleased by the impact, and drew his left arm back to return it, jabbing in two sharp motions against where the ribs would be if it was human. The downside of it being not actually human was that, in some ways, the bag was more fragile. His aim was true - he hit it right in the middle - but his second hit caught the edge of a mock arm as it swung, and the arm in turn went flying. It hit the opposite wall, bounced off, and landing on top of the piano. He hadn’t touched the piano at all in his preparation of this combat set-up, so it was probably fortunate that the last player had thought to close its lid when they were done with it. An arm landing on top of all those strings couldn’t be beneficial. Not even when the arm was fake.

“Oopsies,” Ruben said, not sounding remorseful in the slightest. “And how about that?” This part was addressed to the girl watching him. Glancing over his shoulder towards her, his first thought was that she looked awfully small down there, followed by the realization that it was Danny’s sister. Carol or Carla or, no, Claudia, right? He was on much better terms with Danny these days, but he’d spent his first year (technically half year) pretty much just ignoring the guy. Having only recently re-evaluated his original opinion of Danny, he hadn’t yet found a plausible reason to stop ignoring anyone else connected to the guy. Let alone someone too young to be interesting who was in the same House as the blind idiot.

Admittedly, Cetus was also EJ’s House, but he wasn’t holding that against his buddy. Wasn’t his fault he had gotten lumped in with the weirdos.

Straightening up and out of his fighting stance, he trailed his hands across the punching bag, giving it a slap that was almost affectionate. “It was impressive, no?” he continued. Technically he was still talking to Claudia, he supposed, since she was the only one in earshot, but she didn’t seem to be actually paying him any attention. Approaching, somewhat, sure, but her posture suggested that she either had some kind of physical impairment to normal human walking, or was scared of him and pretending not to be. Either way was fine by him. Heh. “But too... abstract. More realism would be better. Maybe fake blood,” he mused, finger-combing his hair back from his face. Speaking of faces... “Maybe I could give it a face. A man face, of course, I would never hit a lady.” The way he grinned made it a joke. He wouldn’t discriminate on basis of sex. Or gender. “Come on, Claudia, what opinion do you have on this? I am asking nicely. We will be sharing this wonderful stage soon, after all, ja?”

  • Nope nope nope - Claudia Dubois, Tue Nov 14 14:24
    Life seemed to be exceptionally frustrating recently. Adults who joked about teenaged years being confusing obviously couldn’t remember them in the slightest, because if they could then they would... more
    • You're just in denial - Ruben, Tue Nov 14 21:23
      • You're barking up the wrong tree - Claudia, Thu Nov 16 07:11
        He’s just a person, Claudia calmly reminded herself as she continued walking towards the piano, the room around her swaying a little as she did so. She tried to block Ruben out, to just focus on her... more
        • I don't "bark". I bite. - Ruben, Sun Nov 19 23:01
          To Ruben’s knowledge, he was the only one signed up to do basically a fight demo for the school talent show. That was a bit weird. Like, he was obviously far superior in terms of martial arts and his ... more
          • The we'll need to muzzle you - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 14:54
            The moment the words left her lips, Claudia stopped longing for the ground to swallow her up, and started wishing for instant death. Because even if she suddenly got transported somewhere calm and... more
            • I'd like to see you try - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 23:08
              He was surprised to observe how quickly the colour left Claudia’s face, though also not surprised at all, considering how their interaction so far had gone. Good Lord, was the girl really this easily ... more
              • I have minions - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 08:18
                He’d said his part, why couldn’t he just let her leave? Claudia managed to take a few unsteady steps towards the exit. She had all the physiological symptoms that signalled fainting was imminent: her ... more
                • I'll take all of them on! - Ruben, Wed Nov 22 22:46
                  Or apparently not, because the kid shouted out an answer to a question he hadn’t asked and then collapsed. Ruben had been facing her as she walked off, because that was the polite thing to do, much... more
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