Lost between being mostly deaf and having two left feet?
Tue Jan 24, 2017 19:46

Conveniently, the theater had been quiet enough that, despite his impaired hearing, Bryn actually had heard the door open. Blue eyes focused in on the figure as it made its way through the doors. The Nord felt himself grin as he recognized the figure. “Hello Marley,” he said in response to her enthusiastic greeting. Pulling himself into a fully seated position, he gave the Lyra a wave. “How ya been?”

The Draco had seen Marley around and obviously in class, but it seemed like they didn’t always have all that much time to talk. In fact, he wasn’t sure they’d actually had any level of conversation beyond a simple greeting or two. “I’m not doing much of anything here,” he said, shrugging as the female made her way down the center aisle. “Just, finding some peace I guess.”

The boy wasn’t exactly about to say that he was there wondering what it would be like to be a star, that just seemed a little sad. His cool persona definitely couldn’t handle that. While that didn’t exactly matter with Marley (he was all too aware that the second year had harbored a small crush on him the previous year), Bryn liked to think that his image still mattered. Sulking in the theater was not cool.

Eyeing the silver boombox that Marley was clutching tightly, Bryn raised an eyebrow. “Doing some practice?” In passing, Marley had mentioned that she was planning on auditioning but he hadn’t heard anything else. He’d even checked the bulletin board before taking center stage, finding that the cast list hadn’t been posted yet either. But he was sure she’s at least get some sort of role. “Are you excited?”

Theater wasn’t something Bryn could really do, what with barely being able to hear. Sometimes, he could keep the beat through the vibrations, but he wasn’t very good at it. Besides, having two left feet certainly weren’t going to help in any kind of dancing. Alas, the stage life wasn’t for Bryn, but if he could support his friends, he certainly would.

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    Marley had decided to audition for the school musical this year. That decision wasn't because she wanted to - well, she did want to, she wouldn't have signed up otherwise, but not because she... more
    • Lost between being mostly deaf and having two left feet? - Bryn, Tue Jan 24 19:46
      • You could still play in the band! - Marley, Thu Jan 26 23:37
        She couldn’t wave to him with her hands full, obviously, but made do with a sort of nod-slash-generic-head-jiggle that caused her hair to flop across her face. A second jiggle in the opposite... more
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