I have minions
Wed Nov 22, 2017 08:18

He’d said his part, why couldn’t he just let her leave? Claudia managed to take a few unsteady steps towards the exit. She had all the physiological symptoms that signalled fainting was imminent: her ears were buzzing, her vision was blurring, her heart thudding and her head aching. Claudia’s hands were uncomfortably moist, her mouth, by contrast, was unusually dry. She was finding it are to breathe, and her feet barely obeyed her instructions to keep moving, as they felt far too heavy, and the ground may as well have turned to jello for all the stability it offered her. Her leg bumped into one of the auditorium chairs as she unintentionally veered a little to the side. Despite her strong desire to be anywhere but there, Claudia was forced to pause and take a couple of deep breaths; They did little more than cause a wave of nausea to further compound her less than enviable state.

The abomination was talking again, but Claudia couldn’t understand him. The parts of words that made it through the rushing sound filling her head didn’t make sense - or maybe they did, but her cognitive function was shutting down as rapidly as the rest of her. “... something… offend… please… fix… you.” Claudia shook her head to clear it - a terrible mistake, as it completely disoriented her, and she felt bile rise from her stomach. In desperation, she determinedly took two steps away from the chair with which she had collided, trying again to reach the door. She was unbearably hot; she couldn’t breathe.

“You can’t fix me,” she said, having made no plans to say anything at all, and not even sure what she was referencing when she heard her own words reverberating around the auditorium: she had obviously spoken with far greater volume than was necessary. She had lost control. She knew even as she lunged forwards another pace that her situation was no longer salvageable. Her footing faltered, the ground hurried up to meet her, and Claudia thought a four letter word that she wasn’t even supposed to know as she blacked out completely. Her hip, then shoulder, then head each made sudden, sharp contact with the floor, and Claudia remained motionless, finally no longer consciously present.

  • I'd like to see you try - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 23:08
    He was surprised to observe how quickly the colour left Claudia’s face, though also not surprised at all, considering how their interaction so far had gone. Good Lord, was the girl really this easily ... more
    • I have minions - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 08:18
      • I'll take all of them on! - Ruben, Wed Nov 22 22:46
        Or apparently not, because the kid shouted out an answer to a question he hadn’t asked and then collapsed. Ruben had been facing her as she walked off, because that was the polite thing to do, much... more
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