I'll take all of them on!
Wed Nov 22, 2017 22:46

Or apparently not, because the kid shouted out an answer to a question he hadn’t asked and then collapsed. Ruben had been facing her as she walked off, because that was the polite thing to do, much politer than turning his back like she had, and he was obviously all about being polite. (Hah.) So he had noticed the weaving way in which Claudia was walking and her little stumble into an aisle chair but, in what was now obviously a wrongful move, assumed that she was just experiencing some residual spook or twitchy nerves on account of him being so impressively buff…. Er, scary. Whatever. Same difference, right?

But, nope, so that had been a wrong assumption, because regardless of how normal Claudia was compared to other girls of similar or different ages, fainting was in no way a normal response to Ruben. Eye-roll of drama level: Kaye, check. Turning around to go the opposite way when spotting him down the hall like that glasses loner, yup. Making a ‘meep’ sound like Kalle did if he opened a door to find Ruben on the other side of it unexpectedly, alright. Just backing away without Ruben approaching, as Claudia had done earlier, wasn’t abnormal. Turning your back and then passing out, though? That was just bizarre. Even if she was just having some kind of subconscious bodily fear response, there was no way that she would be automatically inclined to do that. Would you ignore a bear and then helpfully collapse in front of it? No, duh, of course not.

(Not that Ruben was comparing himself to a bear, here. Bears were relatively stupid animals. The Swede had no interest in taking Animagi classes, although it had been offered to him upon his arrival at RMI along with the other older students, but if his Patronus was anything to go by, he was pretty sure he’d be a much more interesting predatory creature. Wasn’t sure if it was anything to go by, though; the theory books he had read seemed to present conflicting ideas on the correlation of Patronus to Animagus forms. But that was a topic he should go into with, like, Holland or something comparably intelligent sometime, not right now.)

Wasting only another second blinking at her, Ruben moved quickly, hopping off the stage and striding the short distance down the auditorium. “Claudia?” He crouched to check her pulse and felt genuinely relieved to note that she hadn’t conked her head hard enough to affect her whole ‘living and having a heart-rate’ status. Since he had established that, and she didn’t seem to be in immediate danger, he took one of Claudia’s blank papers and, with a muttered spell, began scrawling out a message with his finger. Now, he didn’t have his wand with him, because that was ridiculous when whole the point of his excursion to the Theatre had been to punch things. But his wandless magic was pretty good by now, so once his letter was complete, he folded it up and waved it off.

Danny -
Something is wrong with your sister. Fainted in the theatre. Am taking her to infirmary now.
- Ruben

That completed, he scooped up Claudia, positioning her much more gently in his arms than he might a more conscious person, and with practically no effort at all, marched the girl out of the Theatre. The admin corridor was pretty close; with his long strides, it shouldn’t take more than a handful of minutes for him to get her there and settled in by the nurse… Well, maybe a little more than that. Ruben was trying to walk steadily and hold her closer to his torso so that she wouldn’t be jostled too much as he paced, but simultaneously trying to balance it with walking fast and not holding her too close. If she woke up suddenly and realized that he was still shirtless, and she being held so close to his shirtless self, she’d probably just pass right out again, which would be hilarious to him but also a problem.

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    He’d said his part, why couldn’t he just let her leave? Claudia managed to take a few unsteady steps towards the exit. She had all the physiological symptoms that signalled fainting was imminent: her ... more
    • I'll take all of them on! - Ruben, Wed Nov 22 22:46
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