Maverick Buchannan
Life's a beach [Concurrent with Rec Center party]
Sun Nov 26, 2017 21:42

He’d thought about going. He really had. In fact, he’d gotten so far as the doorway outside the Rec Center before he’d turned around and gone back to Cetus to change. By no means had Maverick been wearing a swimsuit - God, no - but he’d been wearing something comparatively beachy, bermuda shorts and sandals, that type of thing. Re-emerging now, though, he was far more inconspicuous, like an undercover Marvel movie hero. Army green cargo pants, a plain black t-shirt, black high tops, a green hat (smushing his fluffy pink ponytail), aviators, and a black backpack. Inconspicuous, indeed.

Holland had somehow talked him into attending two parties at RMI in the past, and while neither had been a disaster - at the first he’d met Kaye, and at the Halloween thing he’d had an okay time talking to a downtrodden Carrot Top - in the end, his hatred for beach events won out against any persuasion from outside sources.

The thing was, if he wasn’t going to the party, Maverick really had nowhere he was going. He just didn’t feel like hiding up in Cetus when everybody else was surely having a fun time. So he wandered aimlessly for a bit before winding up in the theater. Mave didn’t consider himself particularly artsy-fartsy like the theater kids under the counselor-slash-director’s mama duck wing, so he didn’t spend a lot of time here. His preferred art forms were more physical, although even with his sculpting and the notebook currently in his backpack full of rough sketches, he didn’t consider himself much of an artist.

Still, since he was here, he marched up on the stage and, standing there, looked out at the audience. As a mental exercise, he tried imagining the velvety seats full of people. People who expected to hear him and/or other students say or sing or do something. Maverick shivered. No, not for him.

He slunk forward and plopped down on the edge of the staged, one leg curled up underneath him and the other dangling over the edge. Maverick took off his backpack and pulled out his notebook and a pencil. For a moment, he sketched his imagined audience from memory, but then he looked up to remind himself how the theater actually looked for a further reference. When he did that, though, he discovered he wasn’t alone. “What, not much of a beach goer?” he asked flatly, having assumed that the entirety of the school would attend one of Marissa Kendrick’s oh-so-exciting bashes.

    • You're telling me - Connor Farnon, Mon Nov 27 08:43
      Connor’s life had definitely taken a turn for the worse on this side of Midterm. Between Marley stalking him and Marley trying to ruin his arrangement with Claudia, he had been a nervous wreck, which ... more
      • It only goes downhill, little guy. - Maverick, Sun Dec 17 10:45
        As it turned out, the kid that found him was one of Rose Farnon’s little brothers. Maverick didn’t entirely know which one was which, having minimal interaction with either other than the fact that... more
        • That would be depressing - Connor, Fri Dec 29 16:09
          Suddenly, Connor understood exactly what was going on. The school freak in front of him was drawing, which meant that he was into art. Artistic people were always a little bit bizarre - Connor was... more
          • Yeahhhh I've got bad news. - Maverick, Wed Jan 3 16:01
            Okay, cool, so this one was Connor. It was convenient that he provided his name, since Mave had been unsure which Farnon kid this was. “Maverick Buchannan,” he responded to the inquiry. “I’m in the... more
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