Connor Farnon
You're telling me
Mon Nov 27, 2017 08:43

Connor’s life had definitely taken a turn for the worse on this side of Midterm. Between Marley stalking him and Marley trying to ruin his arrangement with Claudia, he had been a nervous wreck, which had resulted in him falling behind in classes. He usually made above-average marks, but he had fallen down to average and was scrambling to get back up. It hadn’t quite gotten so bad that he would ask his older sister for tutoring, but unless things changed soon, Connor would be forced to go down that embarrassing avenue. At the very least, Marley seemed to have stopped stalking him since her conversation with Claudia. The abatement of his torment had happened so suddenly that Connor, paranoid, was almost entirely sure that it was some kind of trap and Marley would appear out of nowhere anywhere he went with some sort of unholy surprise for him. And not that Connor had ever been a fan of beaches or parties, but when word came out about Marissa Kendrick’s beach party in the rec center, Connor decided to seek shelter.

Last night he’d had an argument with Huburt about their Potions homework - Connor had been calmly doing his homework in the commons when the obnoxious kid had come up to him and started correcting him unnecessarily, at which point Connor had told him to shove off while Huburt insisted that he was just helping - and consequently the third-year had no inclination to spend more time in the Cetus commonroom than he strictly had to. Of course, the other places he might spend time in were equally problematic; Connor was pretty sure that Dade was in the library and Dade was annoyed at him too, and there were probably people on the Pitch. He was pretty sure hanging out in the classrooms without professors there was frowned upon except for the lab which doubled as a practise space for a bunch of things that were way too physical for Connor’s tastes. Weirdly, that left the theater as someplace for him to hide from the party and the school.

Connor had been in the theater once or twice but he generally had no inclination to spend time there. He had no artistic or theatrical talent whatsoever that he was able to discern, and he wasn’t the attention-seeking type either. Plus, he generally disapproved of Mr. Tennant, who was in charge of the theater. Mr. Tennant’s lifestyle choices had been Connor’s initial point of contention with the man, but after his comments about the whole Marley affair, Connor’s dislike had deepened. In his opinion, it was incredibly inappropriate to have someone like Mr. Tennant serving as a role model for students, and doubly so if the so-called counselor couldn’t even manage to do his real job. But as it was a weekend and there was presumably no theater practise (or whatever one did in a theater) today, Connor was reasonably certain that Mr. Tennant was off doing something that didn’t involve him lurking where Connor might encounter him. From what Connor understood, Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy had two children. Drew, who was a first year, and a girl who appeared sometimes at school events that Connor had done his best to avoid, as he disliked small children. Perhaps they were off corrupting the children at a social event for people like them.

Of course, as he should have expected but much to his dismay, when Connor entered the theater he realized that not only was he not alone, but that one of the school freaks was already there, sitting on the stage. It was the one who was in Cetus, the transfer student with the obnoxious name that proclaimed that the last thing he wanted to do was actually fit in at RMI. Not to mention the hair. All Connor ever wanted was to quietly fit in with the rest of the school and he absolutely could not stand the people who felt they had to be pointedly individual. What was wrong with just being normal.

And then the freak talked to him. Oh Merlin. Now Connor would be stuck in yet another interaction he didn’t want to be having simply because he was a polite, well-behaved person.

“Not particularly,” he responded to the freak’s question. Connor thought it would be obvious he wasn’t prepared for a beach party, as he was wearing the same khaki slacks and polo shirt that he always wore, not to mention that he had his blue backpack with him. “Clearly you aren’t either,” he said, making his observational skills a point. “Also, you aren’t supposed to do homework in pencil,” Connor added, a comment on the fact that the other student was sitting on the edge of the stage, notebook and pencil in hand.

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    • You're telling me - Connor Farnon, Mon Nov 27 08:43
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