Dade Farnon
Appearing in strange places
Thu Nov 30, 2017 19:29

It wasn’t as though Dade spent very much time in the theater. He wouldn’t have spent any time at all in the theater, except that Kit insisted on going sometimes. Dade had been more willing to go along with Kit’s antics before he realized that she was really just swinging by to see if she could say hi to her older sister (who might be practising for dance) or her grandfather (who was apparently Mr. Tennant). After he’d realized that, Dade had been more persistent in diverting Kit’s attention from the theater. As a space in the school, it kind of gave him the creeps. It was just a bunch of empty seats, and it was usually quiet, unless someone was practising for something at which point Dade usually tried to avoid being there. So an eerily quiet room in front of an eerily empty stage, where nobody spent much time except a couple of geeks who were sucking up to Mr. Tennant or whatever. Dade was pretty sure that the second someone died here, it would become a haunted theater. It was that kind of place.

But things had been weird since he’d gotten caught in Rose’s bedroom over Midterm, and after the conversation with Holland. He had stuffed their gift to him in his trunk at the very bottom, where he could reasonably pretend that it was a gift for his sister if asked - and assuming that person didn’t know that Rose’s birthday was in December. Dade had ducked Holland until Defense Against the Dark Arts, when he’d had to work with them. And it had been okay. They didn’t go off about the gender crap they’d said when they cornered him in the library back in January, so Dade felt a little more relaxed that at least Holland wasn’t going to say anything. And Connor hadn’t said anything to him, which meant that if Rose had told anybody about it other than Holland, it would be Marissa, Kit’s sister. But Kit hadn’t said anything - and if she knew, she definitely would have said something because the girl was absolutely incapable of keeping her mouth shut for more than two and a half seconds at a time unless it was jinxed shut, which was why that had been one of the first jinxes Dade had learned after Kit had come into the picture - so Dade could only imagine that Rose had kept her mouth shut too. Which was relieving.

Honestly, Dade had no idea what had been going through his head when he had decided to go into Rose’s room. He hadn’t been thinking clearly, obviously, because regardless of his intention the decision to go into his older sister’s room was an extremely poor one. Rose was definitely nicer to her brothers than she was to other people but that didn’t mean that she was a completely different person. She was still kind of scary sometimes and ‘sometimes’ definitely included ‘when people got into her room’. When it came down to it, the decision to mess around in his older sister’s closet was probably the lesser of the stupid things Dade had done that day.

But since then, and since his conversation with Holland, things had been going kind of weirdly. He noticed himself thinking certain things sometimes, or being uncomfortable with things other times. The beach party had been a good example of something he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. Not that he spent a whole lot of time at RMI without decent clothing on, but Dade definitely had been more cognizant about how he felt during that experience than he had in the past. And that was all Holland’s fault, for telling him those things and explaining about gender feelings and other stupid stuff like that. Dade was still angry about that. Why had they made things harder for him?

To that end, Dade purely blamed Holland for what was happening at that moment. Well, Holland and Skylar and Alice, anyway, although Skylar and Alice were probably less at fault. What had actually happened was that he’d heard the girls talking to each other, and the fact that the theater had a costume room had been brought up, presumably because one or the other of them wanted to use it for the talent show. Talent shows were stupid and Dade didn’t care if Alice Lemont was going to juggle flaming dinnerware on her head, but he did care that there was potentially an opportunity for him to - to do what?

Dade didn’t want to think about it, but just like he had when he’d ended up in Rose’s room, he had just kind of ended up in the theater. And then once he was in the theater, he had poked around until he found the costume room. And now he was standing in the middle of the costume room, avoiding looking at the mirror stuck on one wall and looking around at all the costumes. They had a lot of costumes. Dade didn’t understand why. They only did plays or whatever once a year, right? What were the costumes used for otherwise? Did they just sit here in this room and not get used or even looked at? Dade was tempted to touch one of them, just to see if they were dusty. Although, he supposed, it was easy enough to magick clothing to make it so that it didn’t attract dust or animal hair or anything. Rose had some sort of charm like that to prevent her clothes from picking up her cat’s hair.

But there was something especially shimmery that had caught his eye. Dade wasn’t sure what it was, but it had attracted his attention and there was nobody here to judge him for taking a look, although Dade did check the door behind him just in case. He pulled the item off the rack and held it up before realizing it was some sort of skirt, at which point the second-year dropped the thing like it was on fire. The costume and the hanger clattered to the floor and Dade jumped away from it, looking around anxiously and then freezing when he realized that there was actually someone standing in the middle of the doorway, looking at him.

“I was -” Dade started, then realized he didn’t have a way to finish the sentence. What was he doing? What was he doing? “Go away,” Dade snapped, rushing toward the door and trying to push the newcomer aside. He just wanted to be gone and pretend this hadn’t happened.

This happens between the beach party and Myffi’s breakfast

    • This doesn’t seem strange to me - Madeleine Tennant, Fri Dec 1 10:49
      Luckily, Madeleine Tennant had the very best costume box. She could use all of the RMI theater department costumes, and a lot of them had spells on to make them magically fit the person who put them... more
      • Well, all of this is strange to me - Dade, Sat Dec 9 11:31
        It was clear that the person standing in the doorway was a staff kid, mostly because she looked about six and Dade was pretty sure if there had been some six-year-old mega-genius in the first-year... more
        • Stranger things have happened - Madeleine Tennant, Sun Dec 10 11:50
          The older boy stopped trying to leave so that was good. He did want to play after all! “Okay um let me think,” Madeleine said, bouncing on the balls of her feet again. She had wanted to let him come... more
          • I'm not sure I buy that - Dade, Sat Dec 23 18:38
            When Madeleine put the puffskein down, it made a noise and Dade looked at it. The thing was a little ball of fluff. It looked like one of the puff balls that Sami played with sometimes, except with... more
            • Would you at least browse it? - Madeleine, Sat Dec 23 19:31
              Her playmate was not very good at dress-up, Madeleine decided. Or maybe he had only ever played with someone who picked the costumes for both of them so he had never gotten to choose before. Drew... more
              • Okay well the thing that Dade had been kind of hoping wouldn’t happen had gone ahead and happened. Madeleine wanted him to be a ‘detective princess’ like she was, and she clearly had missed any memos ... more
                • Then you can window shop - Madeleine, Sun Dec 24 12:46
                  He was going to play along! Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. “Daisy is a really good princess name,” she said encouragingly. Daisy must just be his princess name, because who ever heard of ... more
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