Madeleine Tennant
This doesn’t seem strange to me
Fri Dec 1, 2017 10:49

Luckily, Madeleine Tennant had the very best costume box. She could use all of the RMI theater department costumes, and a lot of them had spells on to make them magically fit the person who put them on. That was good because some of the costumes had to fit eighteen-year-olds and Madeleine was only seven (she would be eight next week, though!!) and because of the spells she could try on the same costumes. And because there wasn’t a licensed show this year, hardly anyone needed costumes, so Madeleine could use whatever she wanted from the costume room!

And that was perfect because today, Madeleine was a detective princess. (Like, a princess who solved mysteries!) Madeleine was already wearing sparkly red shoes from her Dorothy costume (because they were her most princessial shoes), the white blouse and brown plaid skirt from her Nancy Drew costume (sometimes when they played dress up, Drew and Kit would be the Hardy Boys and Madeleine would be Nancy Drew), and a tiara from her jewelry box. She also had a notepad in her skirt pocket, because detectives needed somewhere to write down clues and hunches and observations and to-do lists.

She knew from Dad that there was a trenchcoat in the costume room that would be perfect for her detective princess outfit. So Madeleine skipped from the Tennant-McKindy suite to the theater, with her arms full of her pet puffskein, Jennyanydots. Jennyanydots was being her royal puffskein who helped sniff out clues.

When she arrived, there was a boy in the costume room holding up a sequin-y skirt. Madeleine gasped in delight, even as he ran over to her like he was going to leave. “Are you playing dress-up?” she asked. Madeleine was so full of excitement that some of it overflowed out of her and she had to bounce up and down a little bit. Not full jumping-for-joy excitement, just heels-lifted bouncing-on-the-balls-of-her-feet excitement. There was hardly anyone for her to play dress-up with now that Drew and Kit were first years. Before, Kit would come over sometimes and then they could play games. If Kit and Madeleine ganged up on him then Drew would play dress-up too and wear whatever they wanted.

But now Drew and Kit were real RMI students and Madeleine didn’t get to see them as much anymore. That was okay, because she had friends at her elementary school, but not all of those kids could come visit her because some of them kids were Muggle. Sometimes she played with the new Hier-Jacobs kids, but they were too little to play all of the games Madeleine wanted to play. She missed Drew even though he could be a pain in the butt sometimes.

“I’m playing dress-up too!” Madeleine told the RMI student, who was probably the same age as Drew and Kit. Maybe they were friends! Maybe he could be Madeleine’s friend too, since he would still be at RMI in four years when she would be a student. “We can play dress-up together,” she added brightly. “My name is Madeleine Tennant and I’m being a detective princess. What do you want to be?” Madeleine had a lot of ideas—he could be her detective partner, or the chief of police, or her royal assistant, or the bad guy (Madeleine had not yet discovered what crime she was solving but it was probably a theft or a murder). The sparkly skirt he had picked out when she came in looked like it would be perfect for him to be (Madeleine suppressed an inspired gasp) her sister, another detective princess! Or maybe a crime scene tech princess! She wanted to let him choose, though, so she waited for him to answer instead of suggesting anything.

  • Appearing in strange places - Dade Farnon, Thu Nov 30 19:29
    It wasn’t as though Dade spent very much time in the theater. He wouldn’t have spent any time at all in the theater, except that Kit insisted on going sometimes. Dade had been more willing to go... more
    • This doesn’t seem strange to me - Madeleine Tennant, Fri Dec 1 10:49
      • Well, all of this is strange to me - Dade, Sat Dec 9 11:31
        It was clear that the person standing in the doorway was a staff kid, mostly because she looked about six and Dade was pretty sure if there had been some six-year-old mega-genius in the first-year... more
        • Stranger things have happened - Madeleine Tennant, Sun Dec 10 11:50
          The older boy stopped trying to leave so that was good. He did want to play after all! “Okay um let me think,” Madeleine said, bouncing on the balls of her feet again. She had wanted to let him come... more
          • I'm not sure I buy that - Dade, Sat Dec 23 18:38
            When Madeleine put the puffskein down, it made a noise and Dade looked at it. The thing was a little ball of fluff. It looked like one of the puff balls that Sami played with sometimes, except with... more
            • Would you at least browse it? - Madeleine, Sat Dec 23 19:31
              Her playmate was not very good at dress-up, Madeleine decided. Or maybe he had only ever played with someone who picked the costumes for both of them so he had never gotten to choose before. Drew... more
              • Okay well the thing that Dade had been kind of hoping wouldn’t happen had gone ahead and happened. Madeleine wanted him to be a ‘detective princess’ like she was, and she clearly had missed any memos ... more
                • Then you can window shop - Madeleine, Sun Dec 24 12:46
                  He was going to play along! Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. “Daisy is a really good princess name,” she said encouragingly. Daisy must just be his princess name, because who ever heard of ... more
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