It only goes downhill, little guy.
Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:45

As it turned out, the kid that found him was one of Rose Farnon’s little brothers. Maverick didn’t entirely know which one was which, having minimal interaction with either other than the fact that they were both in his House and so he’d see them around. Not that he spoke to Rose much, either, but like most people seemed to be, she was friends with Holland,. And she was dating that weird blond kid that used to give him funny looks. Based on reputation, he assumed she wasn’t a fan of him, although he hadn’t had the snot beat out of him for talking to Marissa, so he supposed her guard dog best friend didn’t completely detest him. Maverick didn’t feel like he had a lot to go on for his opinion of her, which meant he defaulted to dislike.

The kid confirmed an opposition to the beach party, as well as noting Maverick’s. He gave a light shrug indicating half-hearted agreement. “Not particularly,” he echoed. The sixth year didn’t really feel inclined to elaborate on his reasons, since they were personal and also since the kid hadn’t either, although he kinda felt like people who knew Holland might be able to guess Maverick’s causes for aversion. Obviously, the two were quite different people, but he felt like he’d had to do less explaining here because people were already warmed up by years of knowing someone at least similar. That was one point RMI had in its favor.

“Also, you aren’t supposed to do homework in pencil.”

Wow, nerd. “Yeah, I know,” Mave said, too amused by the kid’s diligent nerdiness to even feel sarcastic. “I’m not doing homework. Just sketching. Way easier in pencil.” Most things were, actually, but who was he to argue against the Magical School Aesthetic™ of quills and ink wells? “Hey, actually,” Maverick added somewhat abruptly, “you want to do be a favor? I’m drawing the audience chairs, which I’ve got down, but I want to add an audience. Can you sit in one of the chairs and just kinda look like you’re watching a show? I could use a reference image.”

  • You're telling me - Connor Farnon, Mon Nov 27 08:43
    Connor’s life had definitely taken a turn for the worse on this side of Midterm. Between Marley stalking him and Marley trying to ruin his arrangement with Claudia, he had been a nervous wreck, which ... more
    • It only goes downhill, little guy. - Maverick, Sun Dec 17 10:45
      • That would be depressing - Connor, Fri Dec 29 16:09
        Suddenly, Connor understood exactly what was going on. The school freak in front of him was drawing, which meant that he was into art. Artistic people were always a little bit bizarre - Connor was... more
        • Yeahhhh I've got bad news. - Maverick, Wed Jan 3 16:01
          Okay, cool, so this one was Connor. It was convenient that he provided his name, since Mave had been unsure which Farnon kid this was. “Maverick Buchannan,” he responded to the inquiry. “I’m in the... more
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