I'm not sure I buy that
Sat Dec 23, 2017 18:38

When Madeleine put the puffskein down, it made a noise and Dade looked at it. The thing was a little ball of fluff. It looked like one of the puff balls that Sami played with sometimes, except with eyes and making cute noises. That would probably only encourage Sami to play with it. Which was kind of unfortunate because it was really cute and Dade kind of wanted one. Except Catapault would probably try to eat it too. Cats were cats, and puffskeins were small, squeaky balls of fluff. Even if he could convince someone to get him a puffskein, he’d have to protect it from cats. And then Connor would make fun of him for having such a girly pet, even though Dade didn’t think that puffskeins were girly pets at all. He didn’t think pets could be girly. Kit had a spider, and Kit was a girl. Did that make spiders a girly pet? And what was a manly pet? Because Dade would have thought a giant tarantula would qualify as manly, but Kit was definitely not a manly person. Qualifying pets like that was stupid, but Dade knew Connor would do it.

While Dade had been considering the logistics of puffskeins, Madeleine had been putting together costumes for him to wear. He had expected them to be costumes like what he might wear on Halloween, but he was rather mistaken.

There was one costume that looked like it was for a boy. The other three definitely looked like they were for girls, and Dade shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t want to wear the boy one. It was clearly for a bad guy, and if he was going to play some dumb game with this kid, he didn’t want the dumb game to include him hiding and her trying to find him or something like that. But he also didn’t want to disappoint her. But the other three costumes were definitely very feminine. And she said that he could mix and match, but he suspected that she was attached to the idea of the costumes and the idea of the costumes definitely involved things that were very...girly.

“I don’t want to be the bad guy,” Dade said, uncomfortably. He didn’t know what else to say. He couldn’t pick from the options Madeleine had given him. “Um. I guess.” the second-year looked as uncomfortable as he sounded. All of the costumes had at least one piece that Dade was definitely sure that boys weren’t supposed to wear under any circumstances. Was that intentional on Madeleine’s part, or was that an accident? Was she trying to make him wear girly clothes so that she could laugh at him? That seemed a little conniving for the type of kid she seemed to be, but you never knew. “Which one do you want me to wear?” he ended up asking. If the decision was hers, she couldn’t laugh at him right?

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    The older boy stopped trying to leave so that was good. He did want to play after all! “Okay um let me think,” Madeleine said, bouncing on the balls of her feet again. She had wanted to let him come... more
    • I'm not sure I buy that - Dade, Sat Dec 23 18:38
      • Would you at least browse it? - Madeleine, Sat Dec 23 19:31
        Her playmate was not very good at dress-up, Madeleine decided. Or maybe he had only ever played with someone who picked the costumes for both of them so he had never gotten to choose before. Drew... more
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          • Then you can window shop - Madeleine, Sun Dec 24 12:46
            He was going to play along! Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. “Daisy is a really good princess name,” she said encouragingly. Daisy must just be his princess name, because who ever heard of ... more
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