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Sat Dec 23, 2017 19:31

Her playmate was not very good at dress-up, Madeleine decided. Or maybe he had only ever played with someone who picked the costumes for both of them so he had never gotten to choose before. Drew usually let Madeleine and Kit pick when they played dress-up, but only because they had more fun picking than he did. Sometimes Drew would refuse to wear some things they picked, but usually he played along. He was good at coming up with stories and then Kit and Madeleine would come up with costumes, although usually they kind of got off track from the stories because Kit would think of something different or something else would happen. Drew was really good at rolling with it when Kit made up something different though. Madeleine suspected that he thought it was more fun when they changed the story.

An astonishing thought occurred to Madeleine. What if this boy didn’t know what to pick because he had never played dress-up ever in his life? That would be very sad. Maybe he didn’t have siblings who were his age and his parents weren’t any fun. Dad almost always played dress-up with Madeleine when she asked. He liked acting so he always got super into the roles, which was fun, especially because he was willing to play a bad guy if she needed him to. Aaron-Dad would play dress-up sometimes if Madeleine didn’t have anyone else to play with and if she asked really really really nicely (and a lot), but he wasn’t as good at it as Dad. That was okay. Aaron-Dad was good at lots of other things, like making stuff and baking and magic!

Madeleine quickly decided on the detective princess outfit. The boy had been looking at that skirt earlier when Madeleine came in, and she was really pleased with herself for finding the detective hat. Plus then they would get to work together, which would be more fun. “I like this one,” she said, gesturing to the costume pieces she had put together. “It’s a detective princess outfit. I’m being a detective princess too,” she reminded him, in case he had forgotten.

He might wonder why he couldn’t be a detective prince, but not for long, because Madeleine was going to tell him why not! “Boys heroes always take all the credit even when other heroes do most of the work. So we can be princesses and look for clues and solve crimes together! I’m Princess Madeleine,” she said. When Drew came up with stories for them to play, he usually made them all have different character names. But Madeleine was in charge of the game today, and she liked to be the hero of her own story.

“You can be Princess…?” she prompted. She didn’t know the boy’s name so she couldn’t fill it in for him. If he wanted to use his real name too then that was a-okay with Madeleine, but maybe he would make up a name because he was playing a girl character and he probably had a boy name. Some names were definitely boy and girl names, but other names could be either-or. Like there were two Alexes in Madeleine’s class, but Alex R. was a boy and Alex H. was a girl. Madeleine liked her name, Madeleine Paige Tennant, but she also thought that those either-or changey names were cool.

  • I'm not sure I buy that - Dade, Sat Dec 23 18:38
    When Madeleine put the puffskein down, it made a noise and Dade looked at it. The thing was a little ball of fluff. It looked like one of the puff balls that Sami played with sometimes, except with... more
    • Would you at least browse it? - Madeleine, Sat Dec 23 19:31
      • Okay well the thing that Dade had been kind of hoping wouldn’t happen had gone ahead and happened. Madeleine wanted him to be a ‘detective princess’ like she was, and she clearly had missed any memos ... more
        • Then you can window shop - Madeleine, Sun Dec 24 12:46
          He was going to play along! Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. “Daisy is a really good princess name,” she said encouragingly. Daisy must just be his princess name, because who ever heard of ... more
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