I'm not sure I'm ready for the commitment
Sat Dec 23, 2017 20:02

Okay well the thing that Dade had been kind of hoping wouldn’t happen had gone ahead and happened. Madeleine wanted him to be a ‘detective princess’ like she was, and she clearly had missed any memos about what was and was not appropriate for boys to do at his age. Maybe you could get away with that sort of thing as a little kid, but Dade was thirteen years old now. He was a teenager, not just a pre-teen, an actual teenager. That meant he was almost a grown-up and he was supposed to act like a grown-up, not play dress-up with some random staff kid he ran into in the theater. Okay, not even some random staff kid. Garen Tennant’s kid.

That explains some things, Dade thought to himself as he stared at the outfit Madeleine had put out for him and thought very hard. If she was telling him to be a detective princess like her, that meant that she was trying to play and wasn’t trying to make fun of him. It occurred to him that since her father was both a homosexual and involved in theater, she must be used to seeing this sort of thing at home. Dade was definitely not a homosexual (he was pretty sure, anyway) and he didn’t do theater, but he supposed that just one time, with a little kid...if someone walked in he could laugh it off, right?

“Okay,” Dade said, slowly approaching the outfit like it might bite him. “I’ll be a - detective princess. Like you.” He picked up the shimmery skirt that he had been looking at, take a deep breath, and stepped into it so that it lay over his khaki pants. It seemed to have expande magically when he stepped into it, and when he pulled it up to his waist he felt a sensation kind of like a zipper as it fitted itself to his size. It was a really weird feeling compounded by other really weird feelings that he just wasn’t going to think about because he was doing this for Madeleine and for no other reason. “But I’m a detective princess who doesn’t like flowers,” he said, making a face at the blouse. It was ugly.

He honestly hadn’t been about to ask Madeleine why he had to be a detective princess and not a detective prince (again, she was a girl who was probably about six years old, even girls who were twelve years old didn’t always like it when you challenged their ideas of how things should go) but she explained anyway. And it wasn’t even a bad explanation. Dade hadn’t ever thought about it like that, but he saw where it made sense. But then Madeleine was asking him for a princess name and he froze. What was he supposed to say?

“I’m Princess Da - “ it was an uncomfortable sentence to say and Dade shifted. The skirt shifted and shimmered with him and he became even more uncomfortable but in a weirder way. This was probably a terrible idea. But if he didn’t give Madeleine his real name, then she couldn’t tell her dad about him playing dress-up with her, and then he couldn’t get in trouble for being in the theater when he wasn’t supposed to, or get called in to the counselor’s office because Mr. Tennant thought he might be a homosexual too. “Daisy. Princess Daisy.” Dade said. Okay, that was kind of dumb but plausible. “It’s nice to meet you, Princess Madeleine,” he said, kind of warming up to it. “Before we go hunting for clues, can you help me pick out a different shirt?”

  • Would you at least browse it? - Madeleine, Sat Dec 23 19:31
    Her playmate was not very good at dress-up, Madeleine decided. Or maybe he had only ever played with someone who picked the costumes for both of them so he had never gotten to choose before. Drew... more
    • I'm not sure I'm ready for the commitment - Dade, Sat Dec 23 20:02
      • Then you can window shop - Madeleine, Sun Dec 24 12:46
        He was going to play along! Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. “Daisy is a really good princess name,” she said encouragingly. Daisy must just be his princess name, because who ever heard of ... more
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