Raja Nazari-Richards
Let there be light!
Fri Dec 29, 2017 09:29

When Raja had first gotten to RMI, his mom had told him that he should (read: had to) sign up to do stuff with the theater department at the school. He had no intentions of getting on that stage, and he couldn’t play an instrument to join the pit, so he’d ended up doing tech, which was just as well since according to Bailey, Garen Tennant “has way too much to do and oh my god I’m sure he needs techie help,” a statement which had been proven pretty immediately true upon actually meeting the man with whom his parents exchanged Christmas cards.

Still, Raja hadn’t expected to enjoy it as much as he had. He’d wanted to learn as much as he could, be as helpful as possible. Mr. Tennant had showed him how to work stuff for the lights, and that was, like, his favorite tech thing now. So much so that sometimes he came in his free time to the theater to (carefully!) monkey around with things. Today he had actual purpose, though, as he was trying to get things ready for the fast approaching talent show. He’d seen rehearsals enough to know where on the stage people would be for their performances, so now he was just working on making sure the lights hit those spots correctly.

It was a little bit hard without references, but fortunately, he saw someone enter the theater that from the tech booth looked to be someone who had an act in the show. “Hey!” he shouted. The booth was in the far back, but the second year was pretty good at being loud when he wanted to be. “Can you go stand on the stage about where you’ll be for the talent show? I want to check the spotlight’s right.”

    • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine - Professor Estelle Blair-West, Fri Dec 29 17:34
      Estelle had been walking down the hall, casually carrying a stack of newly marked essays that reached from her arms to nearly her chin. The top few layers were marked up with red pen, so dense in... more
      • Well that's embarrassing - Raja, Tue Jan 2 19:59
        After a moment of jarring slightly, Saad Abdella obliged Raja’s request and took the stage. He seemed startled and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t particularly unusual for Saad, as far as Raja could... more
        • Embarrassment is all in your head - Aunt Estelle, Wed Jan 3 16:15
          To her amusement, the most recently-arrived student was also from her upper years' Cultural Studies cohort. Apparently, the theatre was just the place to be for her (still absolutely casual and... more
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