That would be depressing
Fri Dec 29, 2017 16:09

Suddenly, Connor understood exactly what was going on.

The school freak in front of him was drawing, which meant that he was into art. Artistic people were always a little bit bizarre - Connor was actually very interested in art. He had read the biographies of several prominent wizarding artists. The biographies were often very heavy reads, particularly as artists often struggled with deep personal issues, like drugs. And they acted out in their personal styles, wearing ridiculous clothing and doing ridiculous things. So it made sense that the freak in front of him was not just a random teenager acting out because he thought it was fun, but that the freak in front of him was actually an artist. Wow. That was actually rather cool, that someone was that dedicated in school. Although Connor did have to wonder where he got his drugs from. Probably Holland. The older boy seemed like he was the sort to have access to drugs.

“Yes of course,” Connor said, moving down into the theater. He was more than happy to oblige, considering that the freak was doing something productive. Connor sat gingerly in a seat that looked approximately where the freak had been looking. He folded his hands in his lap. Then he realized that he should probably know what the older boy was called, because it seemed rude to just refer to him as though he was just a student acting out. “May I ask your name?” Connor enquired. “Mine is Connor Farnon, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he added politely.

Connor had never dabbled in the arts himself, but he had been curious about it. It was not something that was particularly available to him here at RMI, but perhaps if an older student were willing to talk to him about art it would be different. Perhaps he could feel involved in something at school. He did Quidditch, but that was...different. He had only really done it because Claudia had suggested that he ought to do something to get more involved with his House, and he didn’t particularly enjoy it. Connor was unsure that he was going to continue next year.

“Have you found RMI to be conducive to your artwork?” He asked, curiously. “I personally have thought it stifling.”

  • It only goes downhill, little guy. - Maverick, Sun Dec 17 10:45
    As it turned out, the kid that found him was one of Rose Farnon’s little brothers. Maverick didn’t entirely know which one was which, having minimal interaction with either other than the fact that... more
    • That would be depressing - Connor, Fri Dec 29 16:09
      • Yeahhhh I've got bad news. - Maverick, Wed Jan 3 16:01
        Okay, cool, so this one was Connor. It was convenient that he provided his name, since Mave had been unsure which Farnon kid this was. “Maverick Buchannan,” he responded to the inquiry. “I’m in the... more
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