Professor Estelle Blair-West
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Fri Dec 29, 2017 17:34

Estelle had been walking down the hall, casually carrying a stack of newly marked essays that reached from her arms to nearly her chin. The top few layers were marked up with red pen, so dense in some areas that it was basically just red paper, even bleeding through the edges. A few odd corners were sticking out. Still casually, of course. It was complete coincidence that all of the exposed corners were emblazoned with large Ds and even a T in her messy handwriting. It was also complete coincidence that she was walking towards her office during the wide (convenient) timespan that many of the students had lunch, and that involved passing by the Diner, and that in turn involved passing by a nice variety of students who had the opportunity to peek at the papers she was heaving around. Very casual indeed.

Students always seemed to be less motivated in the second half of term - fresh off their holidays and already impatient for the summer. On top of that, she had been on maternity leave prior to Midterm, and her substitute had been adequate but way too lax. It was important to crack all the students back in shape. These essays both proved that, and were helpful in accomplishing it. Casually.

On a whim, the tiny Australian witch decided to take the long route back to her office, which was not at all because it would take her past some of the classrooms and she knew that the next Arithmancy class was due to start soon. And then she doubled back to visit the library, borrow a red pen off the front desk, and talk out loud to herself about how she had finished grading. And then she looped back, and that was when she overheard a familiar young voice drifting from the Theatre. Well, 'drifting' might be a stretch. 'Drifting' as in, like, a leaf in a river, except the leaf was actually a freight train and the river was a moutain that it was sliding down.

Estelle didn't hear Raja shout often, or ever, so the sounds of him directing someone on stage and talking about lighting was interesting enough that she detoured again and slipped into the Theatre. Saad Abdella was on stage, looking somewhat uncomfortable and holding a notebook that Estelle immediately recognized even from this distance as the poetry book that she had caught him working on during class last week and told him to put away. There was at least one beam of light coming from somewhere above her (because why yes, she had attended shows in the Theatre before out of a sense of obligation to the students performing, and also yes, she had no sense of what all of the lights and stuff meant or did or came from). There was also Raja's loud voive coming fron somewhere above her.

Saad noticed her pretty quickly and offered up an embarassed sort of wave, which Estelle took as an invitation to saunter right up to the stage and plunk down her stack of papers. "Hello, Mr. Abdella. And how can I help, Rodney?" she called generically to the air as she climbed up onstage. Saad started edging away behind her, but Estelle didn't notice, cupping a hand over her eyes and squinting towards where she thought Raja might be.

  • Let there be light! - Raja Nazari-Richards, Fri Dec 29 09:29
    When Raja had first gotten to RMI, his mom had told him that he should (read: had to) sign up to do stuff with the theater department at the school. He had no intentions of getting on that stage, and ... more
    • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine - Professor Estelle Blair-West, Fri Dec 29 17:34
      • Well that's embarrassing - Raja, Tue Jan 2 19:59
        After a moment of jarring slightly, Saad Abdella obliged Raja’s request and took the stage. He seemed startled and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t particularly unusual for Saad, as far as Raja could... more
        • Embarrassment is all in your head - Aunt Estelle, Wed Jan 3 16:15
          To her amusement, the most recently-arrived student was also from her upper years' Cultural Studies cohort. Apparently, the theatre was just the place to be for her (still absolutely casual and... more
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