Holland Keene
I can help
Sat Dec 30, 2017 23:33

When Claudia had asked for makeup help, Holland had been wary. Things had cooled off with Danny, which was good. Holland felt things were nearly normal between them and Danny when they were with their other friends; the Lyra sixth-years talked to each other again in a group setting, and even with only one other person there (Emmett, usually) things were easier. It was still awkward when just Danny and Holland were together, but as that happened less frequently than it used to (but more frequently than right after the beach party) it was less of a problem. Spending time with Claudia, however, was not at the top of the list of things that would make Holland feel better about the situation with Danny. Their doubt that Claudia knew anything about what Danny had told them did little to help with their feeling of unease.

Still. Holland was touched that Claudia had even asked them for help with her makeup, and they didn’t want to turn her down. So they had agreed to meet Claudia before breakfast on a weekday to do her makeup. Holland had brought the majority of their makeup, including some of the weirder colors that Claudia probably wouldn’t ask for but Holland thought would look fun on her.

Transporting all of their makeup was easier than it had been in the past. For Christmas, Bryony had given Holland a wizardspace makeup bag that could hold all of the products they owned. It was difficult to organize—Holland was reluctant to attempt to cast spells on something that already contained complex magic—so they had to resort to Summoning specific products or dumping the entire thing out, but it was better than carting all their supplies without magical augmentation. Holland was already in the theater’s green room when Claudia arrived. They’d had enough time to take out their eyeliners, eyeshadows, bronzers, highlighters, blushes, and lipsticks. Holland had asked Claudia to bring her own foundation; they were both white, but their skin tones were different enough that Holland’s would look out of place on the third-year.

Right away, Holland noticed Claudia’s outfit. Danny’s sister usually dressed nicely, but this dress wasn’t casual enough to wear to class. It was also more vibrant than most of Claudia’s clothing, which Holland had noticed tended toward more muted shades. Holland skewed toward brighter colors themself, so they knew they were biased in this regard, but they thought the brighter color looked nice on her.

“You look really pretty,” Holland said, offering Claudia a smile. They gestured to a stool in front of the lighted mirror. “So, what kind of look are you going for? Is it a special occasion?” Holland knew that Claudia was dating Rose’s oldest brother. It was possible they had a date planned for directly after class, although the timing did seem weird.

  • I can do this - Claudia Dubois, Sat Dec 30 19:18
    This term could not end soon enough, in Claudia’s opinion. She had argued with Connor, she had argued with her now ex-best friend Marley, she had received a death threat and then been bodily carried... more
    • I can help - Holland Keene, Sat Dec 30 23:33
      • Your assistance is appreciated - Claudia, Sun Dec 31 00:31
        Progressing with quick, light steps through the theatre, Claudia soon arrived to find Holland waiting for her. Instantly they commented on her appearance, which was her main focus for the day, so... more
        • Your appreciation is appreciated - Holland, Sun Dec 31 10:23
          Having a Dubois tell them about a change in perspective felt familiar. In Danny’s case it had been about dating Marissa—ostensibly about dating Rachel, but Holland had felt his point was... more
          • Let’s do ocean themed puns instead - Claudia, Sun Dec 31 21:53
            Holland seemed to understand her decision, if not the reasons behind it. Reassured that her idea wasn’t entirely ridiculous after all, Claudia began to relax as Holland started to apply foundation.... more
            • I sea what you did there - Holland, Mon Jan 1 22:11
              Today, Holland was really feeling that double eyeliner was the way to go. They weren’t there yet, but black and turquoise would look really nice with Claudia’s outfit. The third-year seemed to prefer ... more
              • Care what you fish for - Claudia, Wed Jan 3 06:15
                (OOC: To accommodate recent, relevant additions to the Drew/Connor thread in Cetus - which occurred chronologically before this theater thread - please assume that in her last post here, Claudia also ... more
                • I’ll be reel-ly careful - Holland, Wed Jan 3 11:28
                  Ah, yes. Holland was very aware that Marley was going on a date. They were aware because when they’d gotten back to Lyra after Ancient Runes one day, Marley had been waiting outside their door. She... more
                  • I'm Floundering at finding a fishy pun - Claudia, Thu Jan 4 09:58
                    “Why does that mean you and Marley can’t be friends anymore?” Holland asked. As often happened when someone questioned her about her beliefs, Claudia experienced an instinctive reaction, rather than... more
                    • I’m sure you can dolfind one - Holland, Thu Jan 4 13:21
                      Holland, admittedly, had had similar thoughts related to Marley’s date with Teal. The younger Lyra had said that she liked Teal but wasn’t sure whether she like-liked her, but regardless that boys... more
                      • Whale I'll try - Claudia, Thu Jan 4 16:25
                        When Holland talked, they never sounded condescending or patronizing, even when they were telling Claudia something new (as happened often, because they mostly talked about make-up, and Claudia had... more
                        • You otter come up with something - Holland, Thu Jan 4 22:21
                          Holland hadn’t meant to break Claudia by introducing her to the concept of plurisexuality, but it seemed for a moment that they had. How could Claudia be a teenager and not know that people could be... more
                          • It's making me crabby - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 04:48
                            Closing her eyes and saying nothing while Holland continued to apply her make-up was very soothing for Claudia. It had been an especially tumultuous second part of the year, and perhaps she’d been... more
                            • We need to re-grouper - Holland, Fri Jan 5 10:36
                              “It might,” Holland agreed. There was some risk of pain attached to doing most things, and that didn’t make those things not worth doing. Marley’s intentions weren’t to hurt Teal; Holland had always... more
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