You could still play in the band!
Thu Jan 26, 2017 23:37

She couldn’t wave to him with her hands full, obviously, but made do with a sort of nod-slash-generic-head-jiggle that caused her hair to flop across her face. A second jiggle in the opposite direction fixed that problem easily enough. Marley wasn't very fancy when it came to hairstyles. She’d gotten it cut in the summer, and would probably do that again when she went home for Christmas, but between now and midterm the curly mess would just be hanging out. Sometimes half-restrained by a thick headband, most of the time poofing every which way on its own; always brushed out in the morning and full of knots again by lunch. “I’m great!” she grinned back.

Continuing to bob her head attentively (in alternating directions) as Bryn spoke, she made her way to meet him at the stage. Bryn’s answer was kind of vague, although he did mention “finding peace”, which made her briefly concerned that maybe he had been napping or meditating or something like that and what if she had just interrupted him? Whoopsie. But he didn’t say or do anything to suggest that he was unhappy about being interrupted, so it was probably fine, then. She also, admittedly, couldn’t exactly picture Bryn as being the type of person to sit cross-legged and do a bunch of oms, although the sudden inspiration of that mental image made her giggle a little.

She followed the direction of his raised-eyebrow stare to her boombox. “Oh, yeah, really excited! I was gonna try singing to some new CDs I got. I’ve listened to them already, ‘course, but I think they’ll sound, like, extra good in the theatre, since it’s such a big space.” Marley placed the boombox on the stage and opted to skip the steps, instead bracing her hands on the stage and heaving herself up to sit on the edge. “And I finally finished that paper for Cultural Studies - well, almost,” she amended, rolling her brown eyes and making a face as she swung her legs back and forth. “But close enough, so it was time for a break, you know?”

Marley glanced around the room, trying to picture what it would be like with a full audience. Technically, she already sang in front of an audience once, when she did her audition, but it was going to be way different singing on stage. And apparently in a musical, you had to sing and dance at the same time, which sounded fun but also super complicated. “Hey, I know!” she chirped, scrambling to her feet and spinning to face Bryn. “Do you wanna stay and help me practice? We could sing a song together! This band is totally awesome, I bet you’ll like them.”

  • Conveniently, the theater had been quiet enough that, despite his impaired hearing, Bryn actually had heard the door open. Blue eyes focused in on the figure as it made its way through the doors. The ... more
    • You could still play in the band! - Marley, Thu Jan 26 23:37
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