Me too. It's like a game!
Mon Feb 20, 2017 01:57

Based on the use of actress as a title, her availability of cool tips, and Raja’s only experience with a professional athlete lineage, he assumed automatically that Marissa’s mom was probably Famous. That was something he could relate to, definitely, but he also wondered how different it would be with her fame stemming from a different aspect of culture. Also, he noted, none of his mom’s tips were very helpful for homework (expect maybe “sometimes you have to do things even if you’re in physical pain”, which was totally a thing homework could cause), so the fact that her mom could be helpful in, like, school life was pretty cool.

At her request, he helped Marissa sit back up. She had dropped her book again, so he picked that up and handed it back to her, too. “Maybe there’s a different way to try this,” Raja commented. Sometimes in Quidditch (or any sport, really) you came up against an obstacle and you had to find another way around it. Strategy was an important factor. In that regard, sports were a lot like life. And Raja was good at sports, so in a way, he was kinda good at life. It was just all about strategy. “Like, maybe instead of doing something physically different, you could, just, like, read it different. You could read out loud in a funny voice or something.”

Okay, so maybe pro-athlete mom was helpful, too. Nice.

“What are you working on, anyway? Wait,” Raja said sharply, practically interrupting himself. “If it’s boring, for the love of God, don’t tell me. I can barely tolerate my own boring homework.” The first year was clever, but he wasn’t an academic by any stretch of the imagination. School just didn’t interest him. He wasn’t super good at pretending it did, either, although he did his darnedest to appear interested in at least Cultural Studies for unspoken threat of torture (or worse: telling his parents). He was liking Potions, but that was mostly because he half-worshipped Rob. But even the fear love of his pseudo-aunt could not save something as boring Cultural Studies.

  • I was stating the obvious. - Marissa, Sat Feb 18 19:42
    “Raja!” Marissa exclaimed happily, placing the voice with the feet. Raja was one of her two Beaters on the Aquila Quidditch team, and she preferred him over Justin. She couldn’t wait for Justin to... more
    • Me too. It's like a game! - Raja, Mon Feb 20 01:57
      • I'm good at games! - Marissa, Mon Feb 20 20:20
        Raja had a point, and maybe she’d try silly voices next time. She only briefly considered it, though, because she didn’t care enough at this point to think any further. It was hard for her to want to ... more
        • Then this'll be a blast! - Raja, Tue Feb 21 00:00
          “Oh, it’s boring.” Raja just about felt his soul leave his body. The suggestion that classes never got any better did little for his academic morale, although he supposed he probably should’ve... more
          • With explosions! - Marissa, Sat Feb 25 17:33
            Of course it would be excellent exercise. Marissa already knew that, but she also knew it’d be fun exercise. Marissa tried swimming when she could, even though the activity absolutely destroyed her... more
            • Yessssssss - Raja, Sat Feb 25 18:01
              Raja blinked. Justin, terrible? “I don’t think Justin is that bad,” he stated. “He’s kinda pretentious” - Raja had looked that word up once when he overheard somebody else apply it to the seventh... more
              • That's a lot of excitement - Marissa, Sun Feb 26 17:20
                Marissa blinked, taking in what Raja just said. She didn’t realize there were people who didn’t dislike Justin. She had to remember that Raja was just a first year, and hadn’t spent the last few... more
                • I really like explosions - Raja, Mon Mar 6 02:30
                  Huh. “That seems dumb,” Raja conceded matter-of-factly. “Drama Club is cool, and Director Tennant is really nice.” The first year had minimal theatre experience, but he was doing the booth stuff for... more
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