Sat Feb 25, 2017 18:01

Raja blinked. Justin, terrible? “I don’t think Justin is that bad,” he stated. “He’s kinda pretentious” - Raja had looked that word up once when he overheard somebody else apply it to the seventh year Aquila, and he had found that he had to agree - “but he’s not terrible. Sometimes he helps me with my homework.”

“But I agree with everything else!” Raja grinned. He had never been afraid of disagreeing with authority figures, and even in this case where “authority” meant “fifteen year old with a badge”, the fact remained. Still, he was an upbeat kid, so he preferred to focus on the positives and where they overlapped. He found things got done better that way. “I want us to keep being good, too.”

“Realistically, do you think we’ve got a good shot at the championship this year?” he asked eagerly. “Because, like, I’m hoping to win it from now until I graduate. Like, that’s the goal.” Despite only being an Aquila since September, Raja found himself with a lot of blossoming House pride, and the best way he knew how to display it - other than maybe spray-painting “Aquila rules” all over the school, which would land him in trouble, which would be Not Good because Aunt Estelle would Literally End His Life™ - was to utilize his skills and completely destroy the other Houses on the Quidditch pitch.

Then again, he had other reasons for wanting to do that, too, but those were beside the point. He was a Richards, and also a Shepard, really, so he had two generations of professional athletics to live up to. Raja didn’t know for sure if he wanted to go pro himself yet, based on the fact that he was a literal child, but he wanted the option, he thought, so he needed to do his best. So maybe his dedication would’ve been there even if he didn’t feel such passion for Aquila glory. In any case, it made him feel better to want it for the whole of the House instead of just for himself.

  • With explosions! - Marissa, Sat Feb 25 17:33
    Of course it would be excellent exercise. Marissa already knew that, but she also knew it’d be fun exercise. Marissa tried swimming when she could, even though the activity absolutely destroyed her... more
    • Yessssssss - Raja, Sat Feb 25 18:01
      • That's a lot of excitement - Marissa, Sun Feb 26 17:20
        Marissa blinked, taking in what Raja just said. She didn’t realize there were people who didn’t dislike Justin. She had to remember that Raja was just a first year, and hadn’t spent the last few... more
        • I really like explosions - Raja, Mon Mar 6 02:30
          Huh. “That seems dumb,” Raja conceded matter-of-factly. “Drama Club is cool, and Director Tennant is really nice.” The first year had minimal theatre experience, but he was doing the booth stuff for... more
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