Marissa Kendrick
I think we're do for a chat [Rose]
Sun Mar 5, 2017 14:39

Marissa was supposed to be in Potions, where they were doing a crash course in medical potions. The red head enjoyed the class, but she knew that Rob wouldn’t mind if she missed one class. She didn’t skip class as often as people assumed she did. Marissa only skipped if something was particularly interesting outside of class, or if she had something else that took priority. Students were people, too. Sometimes they had things they needed to take care of.

Like gay discoveries, for instance.

She and Rose had been completely normal so far, but Marissa wasn’t sure she could keep her discovery about Allegra Ruisi’s sexuality quiet much longer. She and Rose told each other everything. It felt weird to have secrets from each other. Between Rose’s mom and her confusing feelings about Danny, she felt gross.

Still, she didn’t know if telling Rose about Allegra was the best idea. Marissa could always say that she didn’t find out until her dad answered a letter, or she could be honest about how long she’d known. The problem was that Marissa literally had no clue what Rose would do with this information or how she’d react. That’s what was making this all weird and confusing. Rose and Marissa were fast friends since their first year; she couldn’t remember a time where they had a significant rift in their relationship. She didn’t want to find out what that might be like.

Marissa decided to do the one thing that helped her come to a decision instead of potions that day. She turned on music in their room, turned the music up as loud as she could, and she started to dance it out. Her wild red curls bounced around her, and she jumped onto her bed, choosing that as her dance floor. She bounced, jumped, and just tried to clear her head through dance. She didn’t even stop when Rose walked in. Marissa continued to jump on her bed and dance, but turned to face the door so she could grin at her best friend.

“Drop whatever you’re doing and dance it out with me. Come on!”

    • Then let's do it! - Rose Farnon, Sat Mar 11 15:03
      Rose pulled herself out of the pool and wrung excess water out of her blonde curls as she walked over to where her towel was. She dried herself off thoroughly before slipping gray yoga pants on over... more
      • Here we go, chatting away - Marissa, Sun Mar 12 22:09
        “So what prompted the dance party?” “What prompted it?” Marissa said, trying to catch her breath. She’d followed Rose’s lead and landed on her back at the end of the random dance party. The red head... more
        • ”I’ve had a lot on my mind.” Rose turned, propping herself up on one elbow, and rested her cheek against her palm. It was not the most usual of things for Marissa to be this serious. Usually when... more
          • Pick-a-little, talk-a-little - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 12:36
            The surprise was expected. Marissa had been surprised when she found out, too. She’d been so surprised that she couldn’t leave it alone. She wasn’t crazy enough to ask Aunt Kat. Marissa noticed a... more
            • Cheep cheep cheep? - Rose, Mon Mar 20 08:01
              Rose shrugged her shoulders against the soft comforter on the bed. Honestly, it was kind of weird to hear that her mom wasn’t straight because clearly her mother had some sort of relationship with... more
              • Talk a little more! - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 22:54
                Rose really wasn’t upset or mad or anything. Awesome. Marissa was used to being well liked by most people. She didn’t mind when people were mad at her if they were people she didn’t care about. What... more
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