I really like explosions
Mon Mar 6, 2017 02:30

Huh. “That seems dumb,” Raja conceded matter-of-factly. “Drama Club is cool, and Director Tennant is really nice.” The first year had minimal theatre experience, but he was doing the booth stuff for Footloose, and so far, he thought it seemed pretty fun. He liked watching rehearsals; the kids with the good roles, including Marissa, were super talented.

He listened attentively as she elaborated on the competition. “Yeah, Frankie’s suuuuuper good.” He didn’t know much of anything about the Elijah kid in charge of Cetus other than his year, but the Munros and the Shepards were basically family, so he knew Frankie and Wyatt both before getting to RMI. The age difference - particularly with Frankie - made it hard to feel like an equal, though, so he didn’t really hang out with them, even though his mom constantly asked about how they were doing. Raja usually made up stuff in his letters back to her.

“How about Draco?” he asked. Marissa hadn’t mentioned them. “That Nick kid from the show is their captain, isn’t he? And it’s his last year, too.” Raja sighed. “Either way, we’ll just have to work harder than them. And Rose is awesome, so she’ll beat their Seekers to the Snitch.” He was a good little teammate, and he had complete faith in his Aquila brethren. After all, they were (almost, apparently) all so cool! Man, he still couldn’t believe his mom had been Head of House, even if it was pretty brief. Like, Aquilas all seemed so fiery and awesome, and his mom… well, she ate kale! Unironically! How that had ever led the cool, semi-rebellious House was beyond him.

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    Marissa blinked, taking in what Raja just said. She didn’t realize there were people who didn’t dislike Justin. She had to remember that Raja was just a first year, and hadn’t spent the last few... more
    • I really like explosions - Raja, Mon Mar 6 02:30
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