Rose Farnon
Then let's do it!
Sat Mar 11, 2017 15:03

Rose pulled herself out of the pool and wrung excess water out of her blonde curls as she walked over to where her towel was. She dried herself off thoroughly before slipping gray yoga pants on over her now only slightly-damp blue swimsuit, then zipped a slightly-too-large gray hoodie up over her chest. The fifth year hadn’t bothered to bring a bag with her, so she slung the faded blue towel she used strictly for swimming over her shoulder, pulled her tennis shoes on, and meandered back to her dorm room. She wasn’t in a massive hurry. Rose didn’t have classes until later in the day and even then, it was Spellwork. It wasn’t that Spellwork was easy for Rose - well, it was, but that was a separate issue - but she worked very hard to make sure she was always at the top of the class. She liked Professor McKindy quite a bit and now that she was working with him on Animagus lessons too, she was getting to know him a little better. It was weird, because Marissa’s aunt-but-not Jessie, who was Professor McKindy’s daughter, helped them break a lot of rules. Rose assumed Professor McKindy didn’t know about that.

It wasn’t even halfway up the staircase to the girls’ dorms that Rose heard the music. She grinned. It seemed that Marissa had opted to skip class in order to have what she suspected was a personal dance party. Down the hall, outside the door to their room - yup, Rose definitely heard the squeaking of a bed that was protesting being jumped on. She pushed open the door and walked into their room. Marissa turned to face her, curls all over the place and cheeks a little pink.

“Drop whatever you’re doing and dance it out with me. Come on!”

With a giggle, Rose dropped her towel into the laundry basket and vaulted onto Marissa’s bed, shaking her arms in the air as she bounced and twirled. Like most of Marissa’s music, the sounds of today’s dance party were upbeat and high-energy. This was a song she knew, too, and within a few seconds the dancing was accompanied by almost-on-key singing. She knew that her best friend wouldn’t judge her lack of singing skills, despite the fact that Marissa’s entire family was made up of artsy people. Her dad, Scott, was the most melodramatic person she’d ever met; he took dad jokes to an entirely new level that she hadn’t thought was possible. The only person in their family that wasn’t as artsy was Kit, but Rose was pretty sure that the younger girl would grow into a bigger personality once she was at RMI.

When the song ended, Rose bounced up one more time and then landed on her back on the soft bed with a loud whoop. She stretched her arms out behind her head, feeling the slightly damp suit cling to her. Ignoring the mild discomfort, she turned to Marissa.

“So what prompted the dance party?” she asked. When something like this happened and Marissa was alone, Rose had often found that the other girl had needed to work something out in her head.

  • I think we're do for a chat [Rose] - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Mar 5 14:39
    Marissa was supposed to be in Potions, where they were doing a crash course in medical potions. The red head enjoyed the class, but she knew that Rob wouldn’t mind if she missed one class. She didn’t ... more
    • Then let's do it! - Rose Farnon, Sat Mar 11 15:03
      • Here we go, chatting away - Marissa, Sun Mar 12 22:09
        “So what prompted the dance party?” “What prompted it?” Marissa said, trying to catch her breath. She’d followed Rose’s lead and landed on her back at the end of the random dance party. The red head... more
        • ”I’ve had a lot on my mind.” Rose turned, propping herself up on one elbow, and rested her cheek against her palm. It was not the most usual of things for Marissa to be this serious. Usually when... more
          • Pick-a-little, talk-a-little - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 12:36
            The surprise was expected. Marissa had been surprised when she found out, too. She’d been so surprised that she couldn’t leave it alone. She wasn’t crazy enough to ask Aunt Kat. Marissa noticed a... more
            • Cheep cheep cheep? - Rose, Mon Mar 20 08:01
              Rose shrugged her shoulders against the soft comforter on the bed. Honestly, it was kind of weird to hear that her mom wasn’t straight because clearly her mother had some sort of relationship with... more
              • Talk a little more! - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 22:54
                Rose really wasn’t upset or mad or anything. Awesome. Marissa was used to being well liked by most people. She didn’t mind when people were mad at her if they were people she didn’t care about. What... more
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