Here we go, chatting away
Sun Mar 12, 2017 22:09

“So what prompted the dance party?”

“What prompted it?” Marissa said, trying to catch her breath. She’d followed Rose’s lead and landed on her back at the end of the random dance party. The red head was wearing dance shorts and a t-shirt, and the longer she laid there, the more normal her body temperature became. Her cheeks became less pink. Her curls, however, remained way too wild. She’d sang with Rose; it was always fun when the two of them were able to cut loose. Seriously, she couldn’t imagine having a better roommate. Marissa was so lucky. But now her best friend was asking the important questions, and she needed to answer.

“I’ve had a lot on my mind,” Marissa started. That was true. More than usual, she’d started thinking about how all of her friends were easily outperforming her in classes, and the majority of them knew what they wanted to do outside of Rocky Mountain International. That made no sense to her; they weren’t even sixth years yet. But her mom knew by now that she wanted to be an actress, and everyone in her age group, for the most part, seemed to have an idea of what they wanted their futures to be. Marissa didn’t, and that bothered her, and it made her feel less motivated to work hard in classes.

Then there was the Danny thing. She was still convinced that if he had just kissed her in the theater that day, she wouldn’t be so hung up on the fact that it didn’t happen. They still seemed normal, and she didn’t want to change that. Maybe the feelings would go away eventually. Marissa assumed it was like a craving. She didn’t really like hard boiled eggs, but every so often, she really wanted one for breakfast. Once she had it, she didn’t want another one. It was over. The Aquila hoped it was something like that, even though she recognized that it didn’t make very much sense.

“I wanted to surprise you by learning stuff about your mom over Christmas,” she explained, also turning to look at her friend. “Before I tell you what my dad told me, I want to give you this present: I’m babysitting for Garen and Aaron next Thursday, so if you still want to break into Garen’s office, that’ll be a good time. He won’t be around.” She hoped that would be a good enough present; she had no idea what Rose would make of what Marissa learned.

“Okay, so I asked my dad about your mom. And apparently your mom and my Aunt Kat were- um, way more than friends?” Marissa hated hearing her voice change her sentence into a question. “She and my dad also slept together, I think. I don’t know; I didn’t want to push that. But yeah- your mom wasn’t straight. It’s…not what I expected to find out, but it felt weird not telling you.”

  • Then let's do it! - Rose Farnon, Sat Mar 11 15:03
    Rose pulled herself out of the pool and wrung excess water out of her blonde curls as she walked over to where her towel was. She dried herself off thoroughly before slipping gray yoga pants on over... more
    • Here we go, chatting away - Marissa, Sun Mar 12 22:09
      • ”I’ve had a lot on my mind.” Rose turned, propping herself up on one elbow, and rested her cheek against her palm. It was not the most usual of things for Marissa to be this serious. Usually when... more
        • Pick-a-little, talk-a-little - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 12:36
          The surprise was expected. Marissa had been surprised when she found out, too. She’d been so surprised that she couldn’t leave it alone. She wasn’t crazy enough to ask Aunt Kat. Marissa noticed a... more
          • Cheep cheep cheep? - Rose, Mon Mar 20 08:01
            Rose shrugged her shoulders against the soft comforter on the bed. Honestly, it was kind of weird to hear that her mom wasn’t straight because clearly her mother had some sort of relationship with... more
            • Talk a little more! - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 22:54
              Rose really wasn’t upset or mad or anything. Awesome. Marissa was used to being well liked by most people. She didn’t mind when people were mad at her if they were people she didn’t care about. What... more
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