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Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:36

The surprise was expected. Marissa had been surprised when she found out, too. She’d been so surprised that she couldn’t leave it alone. She wasn’t crazy enough to ask Aunt Kat. Marissa noticed a long time ago that the women in her family were more prone to keeping secrets than the men, so she really doubted she’d get any kind of answer from her mom or Aunt Kat. Aunt Cindra was nowhere to be found, and from what she remembered of the blonde, she mentally lived in some kind of shiny alternate universe. She probably wouldn’t know anything. Aunt Cosette likely knew everything, but Marissa knew she wouldn’t share. Cosette and Kat were strangely close, so if Aunt Kat had a secret relationship with her best friend’s dead mom, Aunt Cosette would keep that secret for her.

That was why she asked Dad. The Kendricks, for the most part, were way less secretive than the Embers. She could trust Dad to answer her questions, and he definitely did. When he mentioned Lia Harper, Mom’s friend, Marissa knew she needed to ask her, too. She and Lia weren’t super close, but Marissa admired her adult life from afar. The Aquila had no idea what she wanted to do with her life after RMI. Lia’s life seemed pretty appealing, though. It worked out that Marissa had a summer dance program audition in NYC two weeks ago, and Mom had an audition for the off-Broadway premiere of a musical version of The Breakfast Club. Marissa thought it was weird that her mom was auditioning for the show, but her mom looked young for her age, so she’d still be able to pass for a John Hughes teenager.

Anyway, Marissa’s audition ended before her mom’s (the timing would be even weirder if Mom got a callback), so it had taken very little convincing to get Mom to invite Lia Harper to NYC for the day. Mom said that she was too Kendrick to be trusted to wander NYC on her own; at least with Lia around, she’d be with an adult when (not if) she got herself into trouble. This meant that the red head got to ask Lia more questions about what Dad had told her. She gave Lia the complete rundown of her dad’s reveal, and the former Lyra was more than happy to fill in the blanks. Lia confirmed that Allegra hadn’t been straight, as well as told her some very interesting things about the sexuality of most Ceti from her generation at RMI. Apparently some girl named Ivy had a thing for Marissa’s mom. She couldn’t help but wonder if this Ivy chick had kids at RMI, but she had more important RMI history to learn before she looked into that.

Apparently, Cetus house has a history of being super queer.

Rose’s laughter took Marissa by surprise; she hoped it was a good sign. She started to laugh too. It really did sound absurd. “I know! But it’s true. Dad said so, and then I asked my mom’s friend, Lia, and she said it was true too.” She got the words out past her laughter, clutching at her side. She caught her breath and managed to calm down a little. “Are you okay? I wasn’t sure how to tell you, but I couldn’t…not tell you.”

  • ”I’ve had a lot on my mind.” Rose turned, propping herself up on one elbow, and rested her cheek against her palm. It was not the most usual of things for Marissa to be this serious. Usually when... more
    • Pick-a-little, talk-a-little - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 12:36
      • Cheep cheep cheep? - Rose, Mon Mar 20 08:01
        Rose shrugged her shoulders against the soft comforter on the bed. Honestly, it was kind of weird to hear that her mom wasn’t straight because clearly her mother had some sort of relationship with... more
        • Talk a little more! - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 22:54
          Rose really wasn’t upset or mad or anything. Awesome. Marissa was used to being well liked by most people. She didn’t mind when people were mad at her if they were people she didn’t care about. What... more
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