Cheep cheep cheep?
Mon Mar 20, 2017 08:01

Rose shrugged her shoulders against the soft comforter on the bed. Honestly, it was kind of weird to hear that her mom wasn’t straight because clearly her mother had some sort of relationship with her father, but Rose didn’t exactly have a problem with it. Admittedly, she wasn’t about to share this particular piece of information with either one of her brothers, but she didn’t think they really needed to know. They were both much less interested in finding out about their mother than Rose was, probably because they’d both been so young when she died. They didn’t remember their mother at all, so the only point of reference either Connor or Dade had was their stepmother, who they hated significantly less than Rose did. For probably related reasons, the fifth year would admit.

“Yeah I’m okay,” she said, kind of entertained by Marissa’s concern. “It’s just crazy weird.” How many other people who her mom had gone to school with had kids at RMI? Rose supposed that there must be more than two, but had never really thought about it. She had never really put the idea of her mother in context of the rest of the school, aside from thoughts about breaking into Garen’s office. But it would make sense that there was more than one person who had graduated from RMI who had planned to send their children there. Euegh. Weird thoughts were weird.

Distracting herself from that weird spiral, Rose hopped up off the bed and began to change out of her damp swimsuit into more comfortable jeans and a slightly oversized peach v-neck.

“Do you want to get lunch or something?” Roses’s voice was muffled as she pulled her shirt over her head. “I’m starving, I haven’t eaten yet.” It was better to do a rough exercise before eating in the morning, something Rose had figured out the hard way a few years earlier when she had picked up swimming to augment her Quidditch practices. She had only been an alternate her first year on the team, and had been determined to earn her spot on the first string by her second year, a goal she had accomplished proudly and successfully.

  • Pick-a-little, talk-a-little - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 12:36
    The surprise was expected. Marissa had been surprised when she found out, too. She’d been so surprised that she couldn’t leave it alone. She wasn’t crazy enough to ask Aunt Kat. Marissa noticed a... more
    • Cheep cheep cheep? - Rose, Mon Mar 20 08:01
      • Talk a little more! - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 22:54
        Rose really wasn’t upset or mad or anything. Awesome. Marissa was used to being well liked by most people. She didn’t mind when people were mad at her if they were people she didn’t care about. What... more
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