Marissa Kendrick
Not even sure what to say here
Wed Apr 19, 2017 20:33

Marissa had found a corner in the surprisingly quiet Aquila common room. There was usually something happening – people playing strategy games or practicing questionable spells – but it wasn’t like that tonight. The red head was okay with that. Usually, she’d want to jump in on any action, but she didn’t have it in her right now.

Before making it back to Aquila, she’d stopped at the Diner for tea. She brought it with her, as well as some cookies, and they were both untouched on the small table beside her chair. She’d unceremoniously dumped her broom on her bed. Rose wasn’t in their room. Marissa tried sitting alone for a few minutes, but she still felt really confused and awful, so she didn’t want to be alone.

The commons were so quiet, though, that she may as well have been alone. It’d barely been a half hour since Camilla slapped her and said really mean things. Marissa always considered herself to be someone with a tough skin. She’d assumed as much, because she knew people gossiped about her, and it hadn’t bothered her before. The red head didn’t even do conflict. When the stuff between Holland and Lucien happened, Marissa was one of the only people to just have a conversation with the older boy to figure out what the hell his problem was. At home, she and Kit would have small squabbles, like arguing over the remote, but they never really fought. Kit bit her a couple of times, but that was when they were both really little. There wasn’t any biting now, and there definitely wasn’t any slapping.

Marissa sniffed and pulled out a small compact mirror she’d grabbed from her room. She opened it to look at her face. Camilla didn’t slap her hard enough to leave Actual Damage, but her face was still red, and there was a small red welt forming. Marissa didn’t know any real healing spells, so she couldn’t take care of it. The tip of her nose was red and her green eyes were red and a little puffy from crying, but all in all, it’d go away. She’d be okay.

Even though it was mostly empty in Aquila, she heard someone say her name. Marissa quickly and gently wiped at her cheeks, and then closed the compact so she could look at the other Aquila. “Hey,” she cleared her throat when she realized how watery her voice still sounded. She covered it up by finally picking up her tea and taking a sip. “I have cookies; do you want one?”

    • Actions speak louder than words - Ruben Lundqvist, Wed Apr 19 21:34
      Ancient Runes wasn't a subject that Ruben had always appreciated. This wasn't too unusual - most kids in the Nordic countries, muggle and magical alike, were practically raised on the old mythology,... more
      • Let me get some action in, then - Rose Farnon, Thu Apr 20 05:01
        Since Rose had classes in the morning, her shift at Kimball’s Quidditch Supply had been short today - only a few hours. Which was just as well, since she had homework that she had... more
        • No, no action. Just talking. - Marissa, Thu Apr 20 09:57
          “Ruben,” she genuinely smiled when she saw the other fifth year. “It’s always a good day for cookies.” Marissa didn’t know much about the other student. Mostly, she knew some things that Holland had... more
          • Booooring - Ruben, Thu Apr 20 12:28
            If Marissa genuinely thought that she could get away with continuing to talk about cookies now - well, he’d have to educate her on that. Ruben had a good eye for spotting signs of violence, in large... more
            • Let me liven things up - Rose, Fri Apr 21 05:07
              ”Don’t do the Scary Rose thing.” Rose made a face, but didn’t object. She had pointedly ignored Ruben’s comment about the cookie (to be fair, she hadn’t noticed him having a cookie, but to be equally ... more
              • I don't have a say in this, do I? - Marissa, Sat Apr 22 16:35
                Rose sat down, and Marissa felt a little better. She’d heard stories about Ruben and how capable he was in Dueling Club; in fact, she’d heard most of it from Rose. Imagining the two of them getting... more
                • Nope. We're taking over. - Ruben, Sat Apr 22 17:28
                  Ruben made a noncommittal grunt in the back of his throat, acknowledging her response. He wasn’t completely surprised that Marissa hadn’t hit back, but the surprised way that she had answered him... more
                  • Takeover outfits and all - Rose, Sun Apr 23 10:03
                    It was entirely unsurprising that Marissa hadn’t hit Camilla back; it had been clear that Ruben didn’t know her very well when he’d asked. Of the two girls, Rose was infinitely more likely to punch... more
                    • Wait! I can explain. - Marissa, Sun Apr 23 10:56
                      Somehow, Marissa’s idea of Not A Big Deal did not seem to match what her friends thought, because now there were exploding cookies everywhere. The snickerdoodle in her hands turned into a cloud of... more
                      • Not the most helpful explanation - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 17:21
                        Still fuming at the opposite half of the room as if the now cookie-particle-clogged air had become some kind of enemy, Ruben listened with only partial attention to Rose's rant. Not that the other... more
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