No, no action. Just talking.
Thu Apr 20, 2017 09:57

“Ruben,” she genuinely smiled when she saw the other fifth year. “It’s always a good day for cookies.” Marissa didn’t know much about the other student. Mostly, she knew some things that Holland had chosen to share with her. Rose also had some things to share about the student she was quickly befriending. Apparently, Ruben was a lot of fun, was a good duelist and even better martial artist, and he punched rocks sometimes. All in all, Ruben “The Rock Puncher” Lundqvist was someone Marissa wanted to get to know.

"Who hit you?"

Well, she could add observant to the small list of things she knew about Ruben. Marissa hadn’t thought the welt was that noticeable. Yes, she was relatively pale, so any redness was bound to show up past the freckles. It made sense that he noticed, though, since he did all of the recreational fighting things.

“I’ll have one; I just wanted to drink some of my tea.” She answered the first question, because it was super easy to answer. She was getting ready to blow off the second question when Rose appeared, too, and things happened pretty much in the same order. She sat down, she noticed the cookies, and then she noticed, too.

“What did you do? Because if you’re the one who hurt her you’re pineappling dead.”

Even though Marissa did a lot at school (Quidditch, Drama Club, classes, dance classes, Emmett Friendship Recruitment, and probably other things she was forgetting), she very rarely felt overwhelmed. She’d heard the word thrown around a lot among her peers, but it wasn’t often that it applied to her. If this is what being overwhelmed felt like, though, Marissa really didn’t like it. She put down her tea and cleared her throat, hopefully getting her best friend’s attention.

“No, Rose, Ruben didn’t…” she sighed. “Don’t do the Scary Rose Thing, okay? Ruben didn’t hit me.” Marissa moved to a new position on the chair, pulling her legs to her chest. She was trying to feel comfortable, but she still felt weird and sad. She kept herself busy for a moment by picking out a snickerdoodle from the plate of cookies. She still wasn’t hungry, but the cookie looked good.

“It was Camilla,” she answered Ruben’s second question, focused on the cookie in her hand. “Baird, not Reynolds.” There were two Camillas at Rocky Mountain International, and Marissa highly doubted Camilla Reynolds, the third year in Aquila, would ever hit her. She hadn’t imagined Camilla Baird ever hitting her either, so it felt necessary to specify. “It’s not- it’s not a big deal, okay? I pissed her off or something and she reacted. I’ll be fine. I don’t care as much about the slap as…” she trailed off and shook her head. “Seriously, I’ll be fine.”

  • Let me get some action in, then - Rose Farnon, Thu Apr 20 05:01
    Since Rose had classes in the morning, her shift at Kimball’s Quidditch Supply had been short today - only a few hours. Which was just as well, since she had homework that she had... more
    • No, no action. Just talking. - Marissa, Thu Apr 20 09:57
      • Booooring - Ruben, Thu Apr 20 12:28
        If Marissa genuinely thought that she could get away with continuing to talk about cookies now - well, he’d have to educate her on that. Ruben had a good eye for spotting signs of violence, in large... more
        • Let me liven things up - Rose, Fri Apr 21 05:07
          ”Don’t do the Scary Rose thing.” Rose made a face, but didn’t object. She had pointedly ignored Ruben’s comment about the cookie (to be fair, she hadn’t noticed him having a cookie, but to be equally ... more
          • I don't have a say in this, do I? - Marissa, Sat Apr 22 16:35
            Rose sat down, and Marissa felt a little better. She’d heard stories about Ruben and how capable he was in Dueling Club; in fact, she’d heard most of it from Rose. Imagining the two of them getting... more
            • Nope. We're taking over. - Ruben, Sat Apr 22 17:28
              Ruben made a noncommittal grunt in the back of his throat, acknowledging her response. He wasn’t completely surprised that Marissa hadn’t hit back, but the surprised way that she had answered him... more
              • Takeover outfits and all - Rose, Sun Apr 23 10:03
                It was entirely unsurprising that Marissa hadn’t hit Camilla back; it had been clear that Ruben didn’t know her very well when he’d asked. Of the two girls, Rose was infinitely more likely to punch... more
                • Wait! I can explain. - Marissa, Sun Apr 23 10:56
                  Somehow, Marissa’s idea of Not A Big Deal did not seem to match what her friends thought, because now there were exploding cookies everywhere. The snickerdoodle in her hands turned into a cloud of... more
                  • Not the most helpful explanation - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 17:21
                    Still fuming at the opposite half of the room as if the now cookie-particle-clogged air had become some kind of enemy, Ruben listened with only partial attention to Rose's rant. Not that the other... more
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