I don't have a say in this, do I?
Sat Apr 22, 2017 16:35

Rose sat down, and Marissa felt a little better. She’d heard stories about Ruben and how capable he was in Dueling Club; in fact, she’d heard most of it from Rose. Imagining the two of them getting into some kind of clash with Rose so angry was one of the top five worst ideas she could think of. She wasn’t entirely sure how she’d rank the list, but that was up there with “start fooling around with Emmett again.” If it happened, though, she’d place her bets on Rose. No one could beat her best friend like this.

It was good that Rose sat down. Marissa looked between the two other Aquilas. They were glaring, but they probably weren’t going to keep fighting. She looked back at the plate of cookies, and then at the cookie in her hand. There were little crumbs falling onto her lap. The red head used a free hand to brush the crumbs off her bare legs. She hadn’t changed out of her running shorts or her tank top. It was a little chilly in the commons, so she was starting to wish she had. She sighed and finally took a bite of her cookie.

“Did you hit her back?”

Marissa blinked. She swallowed the mouthful of cookie and shook her head. “What? Oh my god, no.” She was not the type to hit back, mostly because she’d never been hit before and didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t going to hit back; she’d been too surprised. She’d never imagined getting hit by a peer in the first place, especially over a guy. Merlin, how stupid was all of this?

She noticed, out of the corner of her eye, that the cookies on the tray were starting to fly around, and she heard Rose apologize. She knew her best friend had trouble with accidental magic, but that only happened when Rose was livid. She’d seen it a few times. Usually, it happened whenever Rose’s dad had sent an owl saying something bad about Dade, that Dade was misbehaving, whatever. It was almost always levitation or wind. Right now, it seemed to be levitation, which made no sense, because her troubles were not worth getting this upset over.

“Rose, it’s okay,” Marissa nibbled at her cookie and tried to feel happier for her friend’s sake, “It’s not a big deal. She slapped me, called me a slut, it’s whatever.” She really, really wanted to brush off Camilla’s comments. They were just very hard to ignore when they were accompanied by a slap in the face. “It’s not worth getting this upset.”

  • Let me liven things up - Rose, Fri Apr 21 05:07
    ”Don’t do the Scary Rose thing.” Rose made a face, but didn’t object. She had pointedly ignored Ruben’s comment about the cookie (to be fair, she hadn’t noticed him having a cookie, but to be equally ... more
    • I don't have a say in this, do I? - Marissa, Sat Apr 22 16:35
      • Nope. We're taking over. - Ruben, Sat Apr 22 17:28
        Ruben made a noncommittal grunt in the back of his throat, acknowledging her response. He wasn’t completely surprised that Marissa hadn’t hit back, but the surprised way that she had answered him... more
        • Takeover outfits and all - Rose, Sun Apr 23 10:03
          It was entirely unsurprising that Marissa hadn’t hit Camilla back; it had been clear that Ruben didn’t know her very well when he’d asked. Of the two girls, Rose was infinitely more likely to punch... more
          • Wait! I can explain. - Marissa, Sun Apr 23 10:56
            Somehow, Marissa’s idea of Not A Big Deal did not seem to match what her friends thought, because now there were exploding cookies everywhere. The snickerdoodle in her hands turned into a cloud of... more
            • Not the most helpful explanation - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 17:21
              Still fuming at the opposite half of the room as if the now cookie-particle-clogged air had become some kind of enemy, Ruben listened with only partial attention to Rose's rant. Not that the other... more
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