Camilla Baird
Letter to Marissa Kendrick
Mon May 1, 2017 20:28

It had taken a night and half of a day for the blonde to regain some sort of composure after she had slapped Marissa Kendrick. At the time it had felt good to inflict some kind of pain to the redhead, but now Camilla was feeling rather embarrassed and guilty over losing control. Why had she reacted that way? Yes, she loved Elijah, but he didn't lover her back and he was free to date/mess around with whoever he so desired. It was okay. They were friends, and as a friend she needed to support his decisions even when they indirectly hurt her.

She had no right to have reacted that way towards the younger redhead, especially being so damn hurtful. It had not been right, and now she was trying to make it better by apologizing. She had tried and she had failed. Marissa was clearly avoiding her which wasn't not surprising if she was honest. The blonde had tried to talk to her all day, but she had not been successful.

Since her Apologizing Mission had not been successful, the blonde decided that it would be best to approach Marissa in a less direct way, which was why she currently sitting in her common room trying to write the words to express how bad she felt, but the words weren't coming to her. Why was this so hard?

Camilla looked at the blank piece of paper and decided to be simple and to the point.


I am ashamed of how I reacted. You didn't deserve the slap or the harsh words I said to you at the Pitch. Far as I know, you are a great girl and anyone would be lucky to have you.

Please accept my sincerest apologies. I would like to say this in person if that's okay with you.

All the best,


The Ceti closed the envelope and sent the letter towards the redhead. Hopefully, she would forgive her for being a jealous idiot.

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